Here is the best answer to each of the questions posted relating to compression from the earlier quiz.



1. What is the Resolution of PAL?

720×576 is the visible area while 720×625 is the full picture resolution, in some cases the resolution might be 704×625 rather than 720 kostenlose weihnachtsmotive zumen.

2. How many conductors in an HD-SDI Cable?

Two – as do all BNC connections.

a. Bonus: Same question S-video?


b. Bonus: How does an SDI signal differ from Composite?

SDI is a digital signal, Composite is an analog signal.

3. What is the datarate of ATSC herunterladen?

Approximately 19.2Mbps

a. Bonus: Same question for Cable Labs?

Vods are 3.75Mbps

27Mbps for 64QAM

38Mbps for 256QAM

4. How does an I frame differ from a P Frame?

An I frame contains only intra macroblocks. The I frame is based only on picture data in that frame, while a P Frame is based on both content in the P Frame as well as on the previous frame amazon app für tv herunterladen.

a. Bonus: What are the types of B Frame?

Intra, predicted, or bi-predicted, Typically a B Frame would either be forward looking or both backward and forward looking, but a B Frame may also be an “I” Frame.

5. Why is it necessary to have SEI’s every few seconds in a Live h.264 Stream?

While you don’t need a Full SEI every Few seconds an SEI Recovery Point in order to join the stream games for mp3 player for free.

a. Bonus: How Many SEI’s are required for file based play back?

Properly structured a file would need 0 but typically 1 is used.

6. What is the VC-1 Equivalent to an H.264 SEI?

In VC1 all Gop Starts are entry points. So while not all I frames are the start of a GOP, the start of a gop is always an entry point tomtom xl.

7. What standards body governs the VC-1 Standard?


8. When applying a resize to video, why must you tell the scalar if the content is interlaced?

So that it knows to process video in a way that results in fewer jaggies while avoiding getting lines out of order.

9. What are 3 differences between NTSC and PAL herunterladen?

Frame Rate, Gama Level, Color Sub-carrier frequency : NTSC-29.97fps/60Hz, Gamma level = 2.2, color sub-carrier = 3.58MHz | PAL-25 fps/50Hz, Gamma level = 2.8, color sub-carrier = 4.43MHz

10. Other than resolution what are 3 differences between HD and SD?

Color space, aspect ratio,

11. How many unique colors are available in the VC-1 pallet minecraft kostenlos zum downloaden?

8-bit color in YUV yields 24 bits = 16,777,216

a. Bonus: How many colors are available over SDI?

10-bit color RGBA yields 40 bits = 1,099,511,627,776

12. Which will offer higher video quality an encode with a DCT Coefficient of 3 or 6?


a. Bonus: Given the same content at the same resolution which encode will be smaller herunterladen?


13. Describe the effect that result from presenting Top Field first content as bottom field first.

The content will have jerky motion and gradually lurch forward and back (ultimately progressing in a forward direction).

14. Describe 3 technical advantages the VC-1 Codec has over Mpeg2 .

Higher maximum resolution (2048×2048)

Larger Motion Vector Search Ranger

More Motion Vectors per Macroblock

15 leo lausemaus hörbuch kostenlos. On what line(s) is closed captioning carried in NTSC?

Line 21

a. Bonus: What is an example Open Captioning?

Captions that are in the picture data rather than rendered by the STB, so in a show Like 24 when the terrorist speak another language and are subtitled those are open captions.

b. Bonus: What standards are used in the US for Closed Captioning?

EIA-608 and 708

16. What is a Null Packet and why are they used in Transport Streams appsen iphone?

It’s a packet that is used to maintain bitrate, the packets are ignored at the receiving end.

17. What is the size of the Repeat frame indicator in a VC-1 Encode?

8 bytes

18. What sample rate is audio over SDI carried?


19. If content is encoded as 1080i Drop Frame, how many fields per second is the content?


20. If the content from 19 is converted for display on a PAL standard definition display with no letter boxing, what steps must be taken to make it display correctly?

Resize, crop, decimate to 50 fields

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