The Best Online Virtual Girl Friends

Your tired of spending $30 a month on E-harmony, and but you want the love and affection of a woman,  a cute woman with a sense of humor, a great body, and a what ever you say attitude.  Well here is our Count down of the best free virtual girlfriends on the web herunterladen. Barely pg-13 Rock 105.3 has one of the cutest and simplest VR Girl Friends.  If you know what to ask you can get her down to her pasties and thong, watch her make out with her friend, touch her toes, or shake her assets… Microsoft’s Live Search offer’s Ms Dewey.  Not quite a VR Girlfriend, as she doesn’t take orders well, but you can talk her in to stripping, singing, and doing other funny things gelbe seiten herunterladen. Penthouse recently Launched “My Pleasure Pet” which is more of a dating sim than most of the VR Girls on this list.  Instead of just asking you have to woo Heather, your pet, in to doing what you want.  Sometimes through humor sometimes through gifts, but mostly just don’t be a jerk and she will come around… Kinda like real women.  Heather will even invite her friends over for a round of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  HOT tagebuch herunterladen kostenlos! If human girls don’t do it for you, maybe you should check out Elf Girls  very much a dating sim you play an elf or dwarf, looking for lovely Elf Girls to seduce.  World of warcraft meets Leisure Suit Larry.  You know how those big ears turn me on.  There is even a Sequel If you really are in it for the conversation, you can always talk to Eliza.  Eliza was the original virtual girlfriend, back in the days before games had graphics or sounds.  what more could you ask for in a girl besides a brain kampfjet simulator kostenlosen vollversion?