Helium attempts to Spam Digg

Helium.com has been posting Fake headlines that link to stories entirely unrelated to the headlines.  For a nice list of fake stories, check out articles submitted by jakeko eine webseite herunterladen.

Typically I see 50-100 hits for each Digg an article gets, so I don’t think you can mine Digg for too many hits this way, but with bombastic headlines people are making comments with out reading the articles, which means they could see significantly more hits than my typical real stories how to app store again.


Here are some headlines.

Woman is in critical conditing after inserting a Wii remote into herself herunterladen.

jakeko jakeko submitted 48 minutes ago (www.helium.com)

Her gynocologist says that nerve endings were damaged where you can download fonts. Then the controller started to vibrate.. More…

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Wii remote death toll rises, phallic controller claims another life. de sims 3 gratis downloaden.

jakeko jakeko submitted 1 hour 3 min ago (www.helium.com)

This time a young girl is the victim of this murderous toy’s rampage. More…

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Man beaten to death by nunchuks made from Wii Remotes rammstein lieder herunterladen.

stancosmos stancosmos submitted 36 minutes ago (www.helium.com)

The murderer claims it was even more realistic that playing the wii. More…


12 year old boy, near fatal concussion from wii remote microsoft outlook 2017 kostenlos vollversion.

stancosmos stancosmos submitted 20 hours 13 min ago (www.helium.com)

while playing a game of wii tenis, he got struck in the head by the wii remote and put into hospital in critical condition spiele von steam herunterladen. read more here. More…