The Best Thing In Live Internet Video Is…

Apparently we are paying to much for writers in regular TV.  Even reality TV has people who Script what is going to happen that day, games in Survivor, challenges on Big Brother.  But Justin.TV and Chris Pirillo have found ways to draw “huge” crowds with nothing more than Blank walls, and the reading of IRC texts.

justin-goes-blank.jpg Yes this is an actual Screen Capture of Justin and “J”” on their second date in her room.  Exciting footage of a dark wall as they get it on.

Chris Chatting with users. On his uStream Show.

While Chris has done some interesting things, like interview people in Mexico during the recent earthquake, his highest ratings came when he was “Dugg” and had 600 people in his IRC Chat Channel, and was simply reading their comments out loud as they went by on the screen.  I think Vista comes with some Text to Speech software built in for doing that….