Comparing the candidates for Greatest Living American

Comparing the candidates for Greatest Living American: A completely biased look at Brandon Wirtz and Stephen Colbert med 7 kostenlos downloaden.

Stance on Bears:

Stephen Colbert has announced on multiple occasions that he is a Hater of Bears, all Bears, but especially Polar Bears pc spiele kostenlosen vollversionen deutsch ohne anmeldung.

Brandon loves bears, and as a Native of Michigan, and Resident of California he shows that love by choosing to live in states with Bears on their flag herunterladen.

Stance On Video Games:

This is an Out Right Tie. Check the video of Colbert Talking about First Person Shooters, and Violence in Video Games photo station 6 images. Then Look at Brandon showing you how to play Rainbow 6 as George W. Bush, and Play Xbox Live while driving maps for free.

Global Warming:

Colbert advocates global warming is a good thing, mostly on the basis that it is killing polar bears herunterladen.

Brandon advocates reducing your carbon out put through responsible computing netflix herunterladen geht nicht.

Hooking You Up:

While Stephen is fond of bringing up his big brass balls, he has never offered to hook you up video von kabel 1 downloaden.

Brandon shares his 5 Virtual Girl Friends so you don’t have to be lonely on a Friday (or any other ) night ps now spieleen.


Colbert is endorsed by Chris Pirillo the Locker Gnome, a pretty Geeky Guy klingeltöne iphone gratis herunterladen.

Brandon works at Microsoft, and IS a pretty geeky guy.

Asking the Hard Questions:

Colbert Survived an encounter with Bill O’Reilly.

Brandon wrote the 20 hardest Video Compression Questions, and their answers.

Fashion Sense:

Colbert dresses in business attire all of the time but lands a cover on GQ.

Wirtz is seen at Clothing Designer Peter Nygard’s Parties accompanied by 20 something year old actresses.

Colbert spends $1,000 on his hair cut, Wirtz gets his hair cut at Outrage Salon for 1/15 the price.


Both Have Strong Views on Branding:

Colbert recently chose branding to be his Word of the Day, Wirtz wrote about brandwidth in May of 2004.

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