MySpace Login’s Temporarily disabled as Authorities Scrub Database

As part of investigating the recent events at Virginia Tech Authorities are scrubbing MySpace looking for who knew what, and when, and what signs there may have been prior to and immediately following the incident.

Similar thing going on with Facebook.  But I have yet to see any adverse effects on their site.

When the site comes back up you may be able to visit the pages of some of those who were lost’s pages.

These are rather intimate looks at people many of whom were young and had bright futures.

Maxine Turner
Vienna, Va.
Senior, Chemical Engineering

Henry Lee
Roanoke, Va.
Freshman, Computer Engineering

Matt La Porte
Dumont, N.J.
Freshman, University Studies

Christopher J. Bishop
35 yr. old Georgia Native
Instructor, Foreign Languages and Literatures (German)

G.V. Loganathan
51 yrs. old from Chennai India
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Juan Ortiz
26 yrs. old from Puerto Rico
Graduate Student, Civil Engineering

Jarrett Lane
22 yrs. old from Narrows, Va.
Senior, Civil Engineering

Ryan “stack” Clark
22 yrs. old from Martinez, Ga.
Senior, Biology, English, Psychology

Leslie Sherman
Sophomore, History and International Studies

Caitlin Hammaren
19 yrs. old from Westtown, NY
Sophomore, International Studies and French

Liviu Librescu| alternate page
76 yr old Israel native and holocaust survivor
Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics

Kevin Granata
Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics

Reema Samaha
Centreville, Va.

Emily Hilscher
19 yrs old from Woodville, Va.
Freshman, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Equine Science

Ross Abdallah Alameddine
19 yrs. old from Saugus, Mass.
English Major

Mary Karen Read
19 yrs. old from Annandale, Va.

Daniel O’Neil
from Lincoln, R.I.

Julia Pryde
23 yrs. old from Middletown, N.J.
Department of Biological Sciences grad student

Daniel Perez Cueva
21 yrs. old from Peru
Studying International relations

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak
from Montreal
French language teacher

Jeremy Herbstritt
27 yrs. old from Johnstown, Penn.
Grad student studying civil engineering.

Austin Cloyd
Majoring in international studies.

Brian Bluhm
25 yrs. old from Winchester, Va.
Master’s student in water resources.

Lauren McCain
20 yrs. old
International studies major

Michael Pohle
23 yrs. old from Flemington, N.J.
Degree in biological sciences.

Rachel Elizabeth Hill
18 yrs. old

Erin Peterson
from Centreville, Va.

Minal Panchal
26 yrs. old from Mumbai, India
Grad student in building Sciences

Waleed Shaalan
In his late 20’s from Egypt

Nicole Regina White
20 yrs. old from Carrollton, Va.
International studies & German

Matthew G. Gwaltney
24 yrs. old from Chester, Va.
Grad student in civil and environmental engineering

Partahi Lombantoruan
34 yrs. old from Indonesia
Civil engineering doctoral student

Cho Seung-Hui
South Korea (resident alien) lived in Virginia since the age of 8
Senior, majoring in english

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  1. my myspace name is doing that,but there is no reason for it.what the hell did i have to do with some one killing people? they shouldnt even be looking at my profile.there is nothing interesting on it.

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