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Man Competes with Stephen Colbert for Greatest American Title

April 27, 2007 – Mountain View, CA. Brandon Wirtz–a Microsoft employee in Mountain View, California–is competing with comedy legend Stephen Colbert for the title of “Greatest Living American.”

Wirtz was previously ranked as the “Greatest Living American” according to the popular search engines Yahoo and Google. That changed when Colbert instructed his viewers to “Google bomb” in order to make “Stephen Colbert” the first search result when one looks up the disputed title. Wirtz is now a close second.

While Mr. Wirtz may be in second place, he hopes to regain his title soon and says it’s easy for supporters to help raise his name’s search ranking. “Just link to my site with text that says ‘Greatest Living American.’”

While Stephen Colbert may have millions of viewers helping him to win the title of Greatest Living American, Mr. Wirtz isn’t without supporters either. Both Emmy Award winning Rowby Goren and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Director of Programming, Larry Hryb, have voiced their support for Wirtz’s bid for the title.

Despite being considered by the information highway as the second “Greatest Living American,” Wirtz still considers himself to be a down to earth kind of guy. “I’m just a country farm boy turned geek. You’re welcome to drop by and say ‘hi’ if you’re in the South Bay.”

For more information, contact Brandon Wirtz at (650) 281-1467.

Phone: (650) 281-1467



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