Catan Cheats On Xbox Live Greatly Exaggerated

I have to admit I thought the computer cheated but it appears that it doesn’t.  How did I test?  Easy, I cheated.  With Jake’s help we raped the computer hard, by making it impossible for the computer to win.  Quite a feat in itself, but we used it to annoy the computer to the point it should have tried to cheat, if it was in its power it would have herunterladen. It’d be pointless but it is a stupid computer and wouldn’t know that. 

About the Game

CatanCatan, based on the best-selling board game “Settlers of Catan,” places you in the role of a colonist on a newly discovered imaginary island smart tv kann keine apps herunterladen. Through strategy and trading, vie for control with other players over the territory and resources of this uncharted wilderness.

What we set out to prove:

Is the game cheating, and / or are the dice fair ps3 games to.

How did we do it:

In order to win the computer needs 10 points.  You can only get 9 points from building settlements and cities, so we blocked construction limiting Cleopatra to 5 locations lemmings.

Buying all of the Development cards, Yes I said All.  The computer can’t get victory points if it can’t get cards.

We didn’t win.  This is actually harder than it sounds, with Longest road, and the Soldier Card, you have 4 points that doesn’t leave much room for building cities, and trying to buy all the dev cards means you have to be careful not to hit 10 points free music pc.

We played for over 200 roles.

Have you ever seen so many Cards?

Catan For Xbox 360

Settlers of Catan Dice Rolls

As you can see the distribution is pretty close to perfect.  No cheating going on here videos ios.