Xbox Live Through ISA and other Proxies as Open Nat not Strict NAT

Xbox Live is picky about Firewalls, and Proxies.  Most of the time you will see the NAT set to strict not open when you are connecting through a device not on Microsoft’s compatibility list fortnite kostenlose download.

Xbox 360 Live Connection Network Settings

The Above is what you want to see, but if you aren’t here are the steps you need to take to get your Xbox running happy herunterladen deutsche musik.


Xbox Live require 4 Open Ports.  The First two are set up automatically in almost every proxy.

  • Kerberos-Sec (UDP); Port 88; UDP; Send Receive
  • DNS Query (UDP); Port 53; Send
  • The Second two will need to be set up manually.  I will call these LiveA and LiveB

    Create a new Protocol Definition Called LiveA and LiveB:

    Set LiveA to Port 3074 over UDP Send / Receive mozilla firefox for free.

    And Set LiveB to port 3074  TCP Outbound

    Restart the Service and you should be Ready to play herunterladen.

    2 thoughts on “Xbox Live Through ISA and other Proxies as Open Nat not Strict NAT

    1. I have to call bullshit on this post. This does not disable Strict, because I in-fact have ISA configured for ALL Outbound Traffic open for ALL internal clients. I can watch the requests going out just fine, but I’m always labeled as strict and can’t connect to anyone but Open networks. One would think that network security wouldn’t be so damned hard to implement and that vendors would actively help you. XBox Live’s answer is still “ISA is not supported”, they should append, “we do not like real routing equipment and only allow toys with default passwords that are never changed.”

    2. I also have to add that i, having a windows vista, dont know where to find this crap on my computer, so until i do, you might wanna try this out for urself other than telling us your own settings (going with the3seat’s reply)

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