I wasn’t Avoiding Jonah

Jonah left a comment for me which reads:

“I would think that even with your new found celebrity status, or because of it, you would have found the time write a post thanking the San Francisco SEO company that was the inspiration for your rise to greatest living American.”

I wasn’t avoiding you Jonah, I actually tried to send you an e-mail but the address I had for you bounced.  I wasn’t sure you’d want to hear from me.  During all of this I did talk with Rand Fishkin, and Joe Griffin, who I was confident were going to out score me. 

I was surprised to see how long ColbertNation was able to go before Google defused the bomb.  And had actually written you to see if you believed that the trick should work. 

So here is the e-mail I originally wrote:


I’m currently in the number two spot for greatest living American, and was rather surprised that ColbertNation is doing so well.  With no relevant keywords, and so many links doesn’t it scream bomb?  Or does at some point a site look like it is synonymous with the phrase?  Like a link to the original CNN page with the Airplanes crashing into the Trade Towers could easily have the title “9/11 Tragedy” and that would not appear on the page because it wasn’t called that at the time. 

Hope to hear from you, This will be interesting if Colbert mentions it on the show, but other wise 1000 hits a day from people who don’t click ads is just amusing, not particularly exciting.

-Brandon Wirtz

Oh, and Jonah this is the least famous I have been in a long time.  I really appreciated the Article on SFGate, but Xbox Live over Google WiFi, was picked up by the BBC, and MTV.  Showing a whole in Windows Media DRM got New York Times, and EETimes.  Uncapping a cable modem got pretty much every rag of any size in the US, and the Register and SlashDot.  You might have even seen me at Night of 100 Stars Celebrity Gala Oscar Night at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

So yeah, unless this got me an appearance on the Colbert Show it was not going to bring me the notoriety or Infamy I’m used to.