Hair Loss out there? Feller Medical

One of my favorite episodes of I  Love Lucy, is when Ricky thinks he is going bald.  Lucy starts doing all these crazy things to his scalp, hoping that he will be satisfied and not worry about his hair.  Of course it backfires and he is convinced that the crazy treatments are helping.

I remember how much this episode worried me. The thought of losing my hair hadn’t even occurred to me at that point. And the thing is, I like my hair. I even have a favorite place I like to go to, Boca Raton Celebrity hair salon . They’re great to me there, they take care of me and every once in a while we’ll try something a little different. I know to some it’s not a big deal but, it’s the little things you know. It sure makes me happy and keeps a bit of the stress of life off. To think I could lose my hair later on made me worry, and I mean, we all know there’s all sorts of products out there that lie. So many people out there that I see that are rich enough to do something about it, but are still bald.

Now you don’t have to go through all of that, Feller Medical has a great solution, hair transplant surgery.  Dr. Feller is very hands on in the process.  If you think you need Dr. Feller’s services or are just curious to know what is involved, contact by phone or internet.  There are some amazing before and after photos of some of the patients on the site.  Dr. Feller is conviently located in New York.