Karate Depot has found the secret… the Perfect PUSHUP

Well ladies and gents, as you know, I’ve been trying to take care of myself and have lots of news to share with you all.  But first, I must let you guys in on a product I just found out about!

When I first joined the Navy, I had never done a pushup in my life!  I struggled to keep my body straight and to do the movement correctly without hurting my elbow.  I wish they would issue these new gadgets with our seabags.  The Perfect Pushup reduces the strain on the joints and bones and allows a comfortable workout while targeting the muscles that you’re trying to work on.  There are large rubberized handles to improve your grip.  Don’t wait, get your Perfect Pushup before it is too late!

 The latest accessory for men and women, well defined, toned arms… you need pushups!