From Near By My Home in Michigan HALO 3 viral marketing campaign Spams Grand Rapids Student

The first casualty in the newly named “Iris” marketing campaign for Microsoft’s HALO 3 is a college student from Grand Rapids, Michigan word program download for free. Michael VanderZand, a marketing and advertising major at Grand Rapids Community College, has received hundreds of phone calls and text messages on his cell phone since the “alternate reality game” began due to misinformation that spread like well a virus around the Internet last week videos from the browser.

When a gamer tag linked to the ARG contained digits that looked suspiciously like a phone number with the last three digital removed, fans began randomly calling phone numbers that coincided with the sequence…one of which belonged to VanderZand microsoft solitaire collection download for free.

imageUnfortunately for him, his phone message was pieced together from snippits of one of his favorite web programs, Red VS herunterladen. Blue.

 Michael needs to sign up for  I use it and love it herunterladen.