Guide to Dead Rising and Tips to Survive the Impending Zombie Invasion

I should have written this ages ago, but I got frustrated that the game rarely lets me save.  So my biggest tip, Visit the bathroom often.

General Tips:

The Sledgehammer: This powerful, durable weapon can be obtained each time you leave the security room. Instead of taking the elevator on the rooftop, always go through the door on the left side of the area. Hop down off of the walk way, move to the end of the shelf and then jump over to the shelf with the sledgehammer on it. This weapon is great for cutting down a crowd of undead. Simply hold the X button and Frank will swing the sledgehammer around, knocking any zombies it connects with down the forest pc herunterladen. Make a habit of grabbing this weapon whenever you leave the security room!

Colombian Roastmasters: A restaurant on the second floor of the Paradise Plaza. This restaurant has an unlimited supply of orange juice, which will replenish your health by three squares. You can also find a katana on the orange awning to the right of the fridge with the juice. Just jump out the window, land on the awning and take the katana, then jump down below. Make a habit of visiting the Colombian Roastmasters restaurant when you are in the Paradise Plaza, if only to restore your supply of health items disney plus tv lg.

Look out below: Though this may not happen often, if you ever find yourself being forced to jump down from a high place, you can use the Knee Drop skill to avoid taking damage and staggering Frank. If you jump down from a high enough place, Frank will take some damage and stagger about, allowing zombies below a clear shot at grabbing hold of him. While you are falling, press X while pushing downwards on the left thumbstick.

One man’s garbage: If you ever find yourself surrounded and in desperate need of a weapon, you might be able to find a weapon by picking up and throwing a trashcan at a wall steep kostenlos downloaden. When the trashcan breaks, the treasure (if you consider a weapon treasure) will be revealed. Most often you can find hunting knives, handguns and baseball bats. All great weapons when you need to get out of a bind.

Zombies? In my elevator? It’s more likely than you think: When you are making the journey back to the security room, you will unavoidably have to ride the elevator up to the rooftop. The elevator, of course, is absolutely packed with zombies. This can make things difficult if you yourself or any survivors are injured. There are a couple of mannequins just outside of the elevator kidizoom duo bilder herunterladen. Pick one of these up, press the button to open the elevator and give those zombies a face full of mannequin! While the zombies are knocked down, you can press the switch to take the elevator up to the rooftop. Any survivors with you do not need to be in the elevator, they just need to be near it to travel up with you. Zombies keeping you down: When you first start Dead Rising, Frank is quite weak. The game is much harder when you are at a very low level such as 1- 15. If you are having a lot of trouble progressing, you can get to a certain point that you are stuck on and then when you die select “Save Status and Quit.” When you do this, you will have to restart the game, but Frank’s stats will carry over herunterladen. You can get some easy points in the beginning of the game, such as the rooftop survivors and their PP photograph.

Save the queen: If you see a zombie standing on the spot with its hands flailing up in the air looking like it’s in agony, apparently this isn’t normal zombie behavior. Kill zombies that fit this description and a queen will appear from them. If you catch this queen and use it, all the zombies in your immediate vicinity will fall down dead. These are very useful items, try to save any queens that you obtain for dire situations as well as high zombie population zones such as Al Fresca Plaza herunterladen. These work great when escorting someone as well, since you can use it to clear a small path for the survivors you’re working on rescuing.

Through the warehouse: There is a secondary route in and out of theDead Rising Mowing Down Zombies in my Swimsuit and Megaman Helmet warehouse. Go to where you found Natalie the first time out. There is a door to the warehouse there. You will gain access on top of one of the shelves. This is a good way to bypass the otherwise dangerous zombie-filled elevators. This door can also be accessed from the inside by taking the first right out of the tunnel, clearing the HDTVs out of the way, and climbing on top of the shelves, via the wood boxes herunterladen. From there, just hop across to the room that contains the door. Keep in mind that survivors can not travel this path and must take the elevator.

Tips for Escorting:

Don’t lead, follow: Unfortunately, the AI in Dead Rising isn’t the best. This can make things a little frustrating while you are trying to save some survivors and they continuously get attacked by zombies. In most cases, you can’t really count on a survivor to follow you, they frequently get trapped in the middle of large packs of zombies which they can’t handle, this ultim- ately leads to their death. Unless you backtrack and help them, but this can waste some valuable time, especially if you are in a rush. What you can do is use the goal command to tell the survivors where to go left 4 dead kostenlosen. To use this hold RT and press the Y button on the location you want them to go, such as a door leading into the next area. Now help them get to this location by foll- owing them and attacking the zombies in their path.

Masochist: There is an item called Zombait that you can use to attract the zombies towards you. This way they will ignore the survivors and simply go after you. To make Zombait, take some Pie and Snacks, find a blender and mix the two items. You should get some Zombait, keep this to use if an escort mission is getting hectic herunterladen. Though you are likely to take some extra damage from all of the extra attention, you should be able to survive longer than the survivors ever could, since you can swerve rather easily between the zombies. Basically run to the entrance of the next area, fight off all of the zombies that are coming for you until the survivors are close, then take off into the next area.

Zombies ate my survivors: If you are escorting a large group of survivors, you really need to keep an eye on them because if you are running past a group of zombies the survivors might get surrounded and trapped in the middle of a mob of them tonie listening games. Some survivors seem to be dumber than others, if you are running past zombies and reach a relatively clear area, look back and see one or more survivors surrounded by zombies being attacked, press and hold the RT button and tell the survivors with you to stand on the clear spot. Now that the survivors that made it through won’t follow you, run over to aid the helpless survivors. When you have cleared the zombies surrounding them, they run to the spot where the other survivor(s) are waiting. This time you can help them get to this location.

Braindamage: Sometimes when you have several survivors with you and you are just outside the duct that leads back to the security room, the survivors will bump into each other, unable to take turns climbing up the ledge. Instead of jumping up and waiting for them to follow, as soon as you reach the rooftop via the elevator, hold RT and press the Y button near the duct. They should get up this way without any trouble. When they are all up, climb up yourself and go through the duct to save the survivors.