Optimizing Gear Ratios For Forza 2 and Gran Tourismo HD

You have the Driving skills of an F1 Superstar, but you are being held back by your cars sluggy shifting, a stock overdrive gear that gives you a 300 mph top speed that you can’t reach because you’d need a 5 mile straight away?  We can help with this ultimate tuning guide to gearing in Forza 2, or any other Tuning game (Gran Tourismo)

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Tuning your car for a given track is the single biggest upgrade you can give your car.  If you get a stock car and one upgrade that upgrade should be a Racing transmission that lets you tune the gear ratios herunterladen.

Set your gear ratios for the track you are racing.  Many tracks you will never hit the top speed of your car so don’t let your top gear be 200mph on Maple Valley where you are likely to top out at 130 Itunes movie borrow download.

Don’t set your 1st Gear so low that all you do is spin your tires.  I see people waste 3 seconds at the line burning rubber.  1st gear should be set low enough to accelerate you quickly, but high enough that you don’t waste all of your time with tire spin, or in the case of a front wheel drive line hop herunterladen.

But how do you know where to set your gears?  This is why you have the Test Drive function, and the ability to tune your car while test driving whatsapp audio herunterladen iphone.

Fire up the Tune Car option from the menu.  Start a Test Drive on the track you want to optimize for.

Depending on if you are a Traditional Racer or a Drifter… apk herunterladen seriös.

Traditional Racer

Setting on the starting line set your Second Gear so it just barely barks the tires when you floor it.  Yes we are tuning the Second Gear First.  When you have second gear tuned to where it just barks the tires you are ready to set the First gear.  You want to set First Gear to where Second Gear will pick up at about 60% of redline for a naturally aspirated engine, or 70% for a Super Charged Engine, and where ever the “Hump” in the torque curve is on a Turbo which is typically about 65%.  If you are lazy just aim for 2/3’s and call it good adobe reader kostenlos herunterladen für windows 7.

Next we are going to tune for top gear, but you will need a reference set up to find where that gear should be.  What I recommend is setting each gear to pick up 5% higher than the previous, so if 2nd gear kicks in at 65% of redline, you want 3rd at 70% of red line, 4th at 75%  5th at 80% and 6th at 85%.  This is just temporary.  To get you around the track and see where you top out ard mediathek herunterladen linux.

Run two or three laps with this setup and see what the top speed you hit is.  5 Mph faster than this is where you want to set the top gear to red line cut pattern baby neckscarf free download.

At this point you now have your First, Second, and Sixth Gears. So with only 3 gears to go, here is what you want to do. 

On Curvy courses you want to set third gear to redline pretty near the speed at which you take the fastest sweeping curve on the course, set fourth and fifth to evenly split the time it takes to accelerate from the top of third to the bottom of sixth.  This will let you you do well in the straights but will put you in the best place to accelerate out of the turns office word download kostenlos chip.

On fast courses you will want to tune against Nissan speedway, tune the gears a little at a time from the reference setup above so that you spend the same number of seconds in each gear.  This will get you to the top speed the fastest.


You are going to need a bit more wheel spin than our traditional racer friends.  As a result you are going to want shift points that are quite a bit differently.  Start by following the guide above. 

Now Make the Gear ratio for second 3 or four tenths lower, and make third gear 3 or 4 tenths higher than second was.  This should make it so you have no trouble breaking loose the tires while sliding around a curve in third with out having to use the hand break to initiate a slide.  Just rolling the weight on a stiff suspension should do the trick for most cars. 

Fourth Gear will be a bit trickier to setup, you want this set so that it is low enough to get you up to speed but not so low that you spend forever in 5th.  You are going to have to do this the same way we did above, fire up Nissan speed way and set the gears so that you spend the same amount of time in 4th, 5th, and 6th. 

As a Drifter you are going to be most worried about the curves having gear ratios that are lower will keep you very fast out of the curves you should be accelerating right up until the edge of a curve, slowing to the apex, and then smoking tires out of the curve.