Racing Sim Tips, Tricks and General Rules to Maximize Your Achievements when You Play Driving Games

Any good Racing Simulation (Gran Turismo, Forza, Dirt, Colin McRae Rally, Test Drive Unlimited) follows certain driving rules which if you learn will make you better if you like to play driving games lego batman spiele kostenlos downloaden.

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Posture is important when playing games, especially if you are going to play for hours, or do well in endurance races.  Don’t be misled by the positions you see drivers on TV using.  Indy racing is more like Luge and you are basically lying down.  Nascar places the driver racing like he is sitting in a jacked up Pick-up.  This is because of the shape and performance of these cars, In most of these games you are going to sit more like a Rally Racer herr der ringe aufstieg des hexenk√∂nigs kostenlos downloaden.

Your Back should be upright, your seat should be reasonably rigid, but comfortable.

Your Wrists should reach the top of the steering wheel when your arms are fully extended.  This will give you a slight bend at the elbows when taking turns which helps to prevent overextending which can wear you out and reduce your ability to feel the subtle vibrations of the wheel microsoft office erneut herunterladen.

Your leg should have a slight bend when any of the pedals are fully depressed.  Your leg shouldn’t com in contact with the steering wheel or anything but the pedals herunterladen.


Look where you want to be.  You will always drive better in the first person perspective because you want to look where you want to be not where you are.  Be aware of walls and other cars, but mostly worry about what is between you and where you are going to be kostenlose fonts downloaden.

Most of the time you will want to look 15-20 car lengths ahead.  This applies for real world highway driving as well.  Be aware of the things around you.  If another driver is prone to bumping make sure to leave him a bit more space, just as you would a driver with a cell phone in hand wieviel kann man bei netflix herunterladen.

Friction Management:

Have you ever seen the trick where the waiter pulls the table cloth out from under the silverware and all the place settings, and nothing spills?  That is what happens when you Slam on the breaks, or accelerate too hard out of a corner, the asphalt slips out from underneath you.  The trick is to smoothly decelerate, and smoothly accelerate.  You want to match the grip of your tires in everything you do.  In most games you will here your tires “talk” to you a little before you start to slide.  Listen to them fahrschul simulator kostenlos downloaden vollversion.

Weight Transfer

The second part of friction management is weight transfer.  How well you grip the road is dependent on how much weight is on each tire.  If you set your suspension too stiff you will cause the tires on the inside of the curve to loose grip, if you set your suspension too soft when you straighten out you will rebound and loose grip on the outside.  A stiff suspension will also lose grip when you hit bumps because more of the energy will cause the car to travel up as opposed to being absorbed by the shocks pip camera herunterladen.