Racing Sim Tips, Tricks and General Rules to Maximize Your Achievements when You Play Driving Games


Stay in Control

Keeping Control means knowing when you are about to lose grip, and then letting off and keeping control.  Don’t get overzealous many people get behind and drive crazy and lose even more time because they try to take a turn to fast, or hold in the straights too long.


Your High School Driving instructor never raced cars.  He taught you to drive slow.  This isn’t his fault, you were scary and you didn’t need to go fast, you were 16.  10 and 2 is NOT the right position.  9 and 3 is.  Lucky for you most Race Wheels are set up to make this a comfortable place to put your hands.  (Especially the Microsoft Race Wheel)

Don’t crush the steering wheel, it will wear you out and doesn’t allow for smooth turns.  Gripping the wheel doesn’t cause your cars wheels to grip any better.

Practice pushing the wheel instead of pulling it.  This takes some getting used to but you actually have more control when you push with your right hand when turning left, and push with your left hand when turning right.  Try it.  After a few practice runs this will save you a few tenths of a second and will help you stay in an endurance race longer.

Smooth and steady in the turns.  Don’t whip between all the way to the left or all the way to the right.  If you turn less while breaking and more when you are at the slowest point in the turn you can take your corners faster over all.

Dealing with Understeer

Understeer happens when your front tires don’t have enough grip to turn your vehicle.  You can rectify this by applying more break, reducing the amount you are accelerating if you aren’t breaking, or adjusting your suspension to be stiffer in the front.  It is all about weight transfer and putting weight on the front tires.

Dealing with Oversteer

Oversteer happens when you don’t have enough weight on your back tires and you fishtail.  You need to transfer some weight to the back tires, you can do this through acceleration, reducing deceleration (let off the break some) or stiffening the rear suspension and softening the front.


Keep your hand on the wheel.  When you aren’t shifting, you don’t need your hand on your knob, or on the paddles.  You may feel cool, but this ain’t no beauty pageant this is racing.


If you are braking right you won’t need ABS.  ABS if for breaking in the turns, and you don’t usually want to break while turning break in a straight line leading up to the turn, because any friction used for braking is not available for turning.


Don’t mash the accelerator.  You want to accelerate at the rate your tires can grip.

Use the accelerator to avoid a crash.  At high speeds you can turn better than you can break, so if you are about to hit those pretty red lights, consider accelerating around the car ahead of you.


You will spend more seconds in turns than in straights on most courses.  So you want to be fast in the curves.  Obey the old racing adage “in slow, out fast”. 

You want to use the whole track, start a curve on the outside, and cut it close to the inside.  Ideally exiting on the outside again.


Hopefully these tips will help to make you a better racer.  Now Go Checker Some Flags!

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