WeeWar the Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Cute Tank Game Tips Guide Sorry No Cheats

Weewar.com is a round based strategy game featuring real action on real maps bus simulator vollversion kostenlos downloaden. Up to 6 players command their colorful pixel armies against each other on the many maps available.

And since it is all happening in the browser Weewar can be played from anywhere – including the office :)

This game top Tower Defence for a way to kill time herunterladen.

WeeWar the Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Cute Tank Game Tips Guide Sorry No Cheats


  • When moving a unit, another click on the unit at its destination issues the ?stay here epson scanner download kostenlos? order immediately.
  • During an attack a second click on the target carries out the ?attack? without requiring you to use the action panel at all whatsapp zum herunterladen kostenlos.
  • Similarly clicking on a greyed out field deselects you current unit.
  • Infantry does really well in woods and even better on mountains snipping tool kostenlosen.
  • You can dismiss any dialog by clicking anywhere outside (darkened site).
  • Attacking the same unit from different angles during the same turn gives your attack an extra boost movies on ps4.
  • You can always invite friends to weewar even if they do not have an account yet. Just enter their email in the game creation dialog.
  • Heavy tanks are best taken out by heavy tanks taschenkalender selber machen kostenlos herunterladen.
  • You can open a single player game by simply not adding opponents to try all these things without fearing to lose points or face.

If a player surrenders, all his/her units remain on the battlefield wie kann ich youtube videos herunterladen iphone. They won?t do much but they will fend for themselves if you attack them. So if you continue playing with the remaining players it is best to leave these abandoned units alone vivo.sxen. Unless of course, they happen to sit on that one city you desperately want :)