Will a Tilt Sensor Mod get you Banned on Xbox 360

For Estimated price of $34.99 you can risk your controller and Xbox Warranty to get the PS3 Six Axis Experience on the Xbox, with out any of the Game support….   I’m not sure who this is aimed at….  I’m a Geeky 360 Fan Boy and it doesn’t appeal to me at all amazon b├╝cher herunterladen ipad.

This product is currently schedule to ship during the second half of June 2007. For more information on this or any of Talismoon?s other innovative products, all members of the gaming media and retail buyers are welcome to contact press@talismoon.com drei fragezeichen kostenlos downloaden mp3.

The Talismoon Official Press Release

At long last it’s time for Xbox 360 owners to feel the benefits of tilt sensation, something of which PS3 owners have been privileged to since its inception br mediathek herunterladen. Moreover, the Nintendo Wii is a prime example of just how instrumental interactive controllers can be in providing a highly enjoyable gaming experience kostenloser mp3 converter. Talismoon is delighted to the release the second generation of its Tiltboard controller, featuring a high quality design which is guaranteed to be even more user friendly than the PS3’s SIXAXIS controller herunterladen. Talismoon’s Tiltboard sports a unique u-shaped board that puts the two Tiltboard control buttons within easy reach of gamers fingers, with one button conveniently located on either wide of the wireless controller battery pack sony xperia apps herunterladen. This gives gamers the ability to make on the fly tilt adjustments during a game without even stopping. This comes in particularly handy for instances in games when it is necessary to switch between both stick and tilt control alles steht kopf ganzer film deutsch kostenlos downloaden.

The Tiltboard is an intelligent piece of kit and comes pre-loaded with TiltTune technology which is the most user friendly firmware available for such a device ph weingarten word herunterladen. Gamers have the option to adjust the tilt sensitivity, adjust the 0 degree in order to hold the controller at the most comfortable angle, invert the Y axis and turn the tilt function on and off herunterladen. Everything required to enjoy the latest sensation in console gaming on Xbox 360 comes in a convenient package and requires only seven wires to solder apk datei herunterladen. Its impressive specifications include the following –

  • Custom Fit Design
  • 2 multifunction buttons within easy reach
  • Requires soldering 7 wires
  • “Best practice” install method eliminates control loss as controller battery life weakens
  • Persistent memory keeps your TiltTune settings even if there is no power to your controller.
  • The new tiltBoard comes preloaded with tiltTune technology, the most user friendly firmware available, including:

    1) Adjust tilt sensitivity
    2) Adjust the 0 degree so that you can hold the controller at whatever angle is natural for you
    3) Invert the Y axis (independently for either the stick or the tilt)
    4) Turn the tilt on and off (switch between stick and tilt)

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