PS Free! They not only dropped the price now they are giving the Playstation 3 (PS3) away

When Howard Stringer told Financial times that they were going to drop the price of the PS3, I expected it to drop maybe $50  But Best Buy is giving the thing away.  Buy A TV, a Game, and a Movie and the PS3 is free Itunes movie borrow download.

Best Buy is running a special this week that knocks $600 off the price of a special HDTV PS3 gaming pack.

The get the deal you need to purchase a $2,000 1080p Sony LCD TV, a copy of Motorstorm or MLB07: The Show, a copy of a Blu-ray version of Casion Royale, Open Season or Underworld Evolution and a Playstation 3 herunterladen. The whole kit and kaboodle ends up running you $2,089…. or maybe it’s $2,689, depending on which page of the ad you believe. If I were you and wanted to get this deal, which runs through the end of the week, I’d bring the front page of their ad in with me when I went to go pick up the deal whatsapp audio herunterladen iphone.