Month: July 2007

Wing Commander Returns Wednesday

I grew up on Wing Commander and am anxious for a chance to try this on Live arcade. Electronic Arts brings ?Wing Commander Arena? to Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 this Wednesday, July 25 at 9:00 a.m. GMT (2:00 Read More

MPAA 110% of Camcorder Recorded Pirated Movies Come From North America.

Warner Brothers stopped offering pre-release movie screenings in Canada because that is where 70% of movies pirated by camcorder come from.  Two Weeks ago The Motion Picture Association of America said more than 40 percent of bootlegged films are secretly Read More

Microsoft in the Web 2.0 World, Why I like .Net

You can’t fault Microsoft.  It is intrinsic to their roots.  You let a bunch of engineers drive your development and you are going to get names that are well utilitarian. Windows Named for the biggest feature of the OS.  Office Read More

Aliens Abducting Our Honey Bees Says Leading Entomologist

Dr. May Berenbaum of the University of Illinois recently did an interview with the Smithsonian Magazine, which talks about the various things leading to the near extinction of the honey bee in North America. While he jokingly purports that he Read More

You and 772 Million of your Friends Who Make up the Internet Community

Comscore is reporting that in the last 30 days 772million people have been on the Internet.  This doesn’t count anyone under the age of 15, and it doesn’t count people who used the Internet somewhere other than home or work. Read More

I don’t think George W. took history or psychology

I was listening to George W Bush Speak on NPR about the just released report on Iraq where we are failing on 8 political bench marks and passing on 8 security benchmarks and somewhere in between on 2 others.  But Read More

Disney to Offer Movie Rentals Via Xbox Live Video Market Place

For those of us loathe to buy Blu-Ray’s this is great news.  HD Disney Titles are going to appear on Xbox live video market place.  This is also big news because Disney competitors will be anxious to engage Xbox rather Read More