Driving Search Traffic through SEO Optimization

A few people have written to ask how I used SEO to become the top Google search result for Greatest Living American.  I think what is more interesting is what I have done to boost my traffic over all in the last months. 

SEO is partly about making sure you have good content, partly about making sure you have good links to and from your content and partly about making sure you have all the tags in the right spot for your URL’s, MetaTags, and your Alt Text whatsapp herunterladen handy.

Getting Social Book Marks helps a Lot.  I use OnlyWire on all of my Posts which guarantees at least 20 links to my content.  I also use Titles that are relevant to the searches i expect people to look for.  This helps in two ways, one the words appear at the top of the post, and two it puts the Keywords in the URL.  Putting Images on the page with relevant keywords also helps. 

I don’t do Linkbombs, or any Blackhat techniques, the risk is not worth it.  I encourage people to link to me, and I reward people who link to me with a linkback.  But I don’t go spam comments in order to get links christliche lieder zum downloaden kostenlos.

If you want to really optimize your site this is far to short of a guide, but hopefully this has given you an overview for things you can look for.  If you want a more detailed guide contact me and I will hook you up with one of my friends who can really drive traffic to your site herunterladen.