Xbox 360 Falcon to Feature 65nm Processors reducing heat and hopefully improving reliability

Mercury news is reporting that Microsoft is going to give the Xbox 360 new innards featuring 65nm core windows live mailen voor windows 10.

“Falcon is the name for the latest internal electronics in the Xbox 360. It will have an IBM microprocessor and an AMD/ATI graphics chip that are manufactured in a 65-nanometer production process origin. These are cost-reduced chips that do the same thing as their 90-nanometer predecessors, but they?re smaller.”

This will certainly reduce the amount of heat the Xbox 360 produces which should make it quieter and more reliable.  Which is good as that may save Microsoft some money against the 1 billion dollars they are looking at setting aside to keep existing Xbox 360’s in good repair git projekt downloaden.

I don’t know about the Code Name Falcon bit.  But Microsoft often chooses odd names internally.

Peter Moore is quoted as saying ?We have a bunch of different projects that cost reduce and improve quality as you find issues, as does our competition herunterladen. Once you get millions in the field, you learn about the box under all kinds of different circumstances, you can adjust and tweak what you do accordingly.?  Which is pretty similar to what he told News Week. 

A quote I enjoyed from the News Week article: “Three years seems like a reasonable amount of time for somebody to have a piece of consumer electronics of this nature herunterladen. We felt?certainly, I think it’s unprecedented that someone’s had a longer warranty on a console than this. I can’t remember. But we felt three years?and certainly, the folks we’ve spoken to in the last half hour and some of the community feedback seem to think that this is more than fair kann man bei spotify lieder herunterladen. If you’re a gamer and for three years we cover you, then we feel that you’ve gotten good value from the box. It’s not an exact science datei aus google drive herunterladen. Two years, three years, it felt like fairness more than anything else for us.”

Hopefully this all leads to fewer Read Rings Of Death.

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