iTunes sells its 3 billionth song, White Rapper Sues Them


While most people don’t think of Eminem as the poster boy for legal issues, progressive thinking, or well, much of anything other than being Vanilla Ice’s replacement.  He is the first artist to sue Apple for damages related to sales of his songs with out his authorization.  iTunes which charges 99 cents for each downloaded song pays 70% of that record label, the record label then gives 10% of its cut to the publisher.  This  isn’t a horrible deal if Like Mathew Mathers you own the publisher (Eight Mile Style LLC) but if you are a less powerful musician likely you get 10-20% of what your publisher gets, meaning of the 99 cents you get half to one and a half cents for a download. 

So while iTunes has sold 3 billion (with a B) songs sold, publishers have received around $210 Million, and artists about $21 million.  That is just over $4 per song, making the average value to an artist for having their 12 song album on iTunes about $50 poison bait app.

iTunes sells its 3 billionth song, White Rapper Eminem Sues Them

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