Microsoft Applies for Patent to Sensor your TV watching to Target Ads

Microsoft applied for a patent to use sensors in the IPTV product to target ads based on the people in the room google sketchup 8 gratis downloaden.

Using Biometrics in the remote and ?People Detector Sensors? we would send ads appropriate for Fat people or small people or whole families, or pets downloading whatsapp images is not possible.

If you are sitting too close to your girl friend you might look like one Big person, and your large breed dog might look like an 8 year old, and midgets might look like children adobe flash player op ipad? Luckily my Turtle won?t show up at all, and only partly because he is imaginary.

This is not that different from the electronic monitoring Neilson’s does with their advance TV Ratings equipment, except that for this to work everyone would have to have it in their home. 

I don’t watch TV so this doesn’t really effect me teamviewer old versions.