Microsoft in the Web 2.0 World, Why I like .Net

You can’t fault Microsoft.  It is intrinsic to their roots.  You let a bunch of engineers drive your development and you are going to get names that are well utilitarian herunterladen.

Windows Named for the biggest feature of the OS.  Office which was short for Office Automation. Home Media Server; Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere.  Boring, boring, boring.  So Microsoft started a move to improve their naming Silverlight, Popfly, Zune, and Cnet thinks even Surface Tabletop Computer is a sexy new name, though I would argue that is exactly what it is and it is there fore about as imaginative as naming your dog “Domesticated Mammalian Quadruped” which would also apply to my cats, and Inez’s bunny alle fotos von der icloud herunterladen.

While Microsoft is starting to make the change, they are a long ways behind the competition.  Xbox was a great name.  Xbox Live a great name baby slaapliedjes download. Xbox Live Video Marketplace is a bit long, and utilitarian.

iPhone.  Simple, elegant and I don’t have to explain it to 98% of America.  The first time I heard the term it was a Cisco product, and I still thought it meant Apple was in the phone business.  I was certain AppleTV was going to be iTV.  Stick i in front of a noun and it is Apple’s, what is more is that there is a cult following that would believe that it is the one version of that noun that will have a slick interface and aesthetic design, and will make them popular with their friends herunterladen.

Stick Windows On the front of a device and it screams “Work would like you to get one of these”.  Don’t get me wrong I love my job, and the ability to stay connected and not worry when I’m not there that the place didn’t burn to the ground.  But I am a minority.  The majority of people out there want e-mail and web surfing to be fun pictures outlook 2016 automatically.

So how does Microsoft escape this mess?  They hired a smart guy by the name of David Webster.  Who is trying to change culture by posting posters with a picture of Band-Aid brand bandages with the caption “You wouldn’t call it Wound Healer 2.0”.   But Webster has an uphill battle.  Re-branding means rebuilding name recognition.  That can be hard for people looking for upgrade paths, and people not looking to scare existing user bases. 

What if the next version of Microsoft Windows shipped as You,I dot Net township download for free? Would your mom be scared to try it?  Would some one say “well if Microsoft is not doing Windows any more Maybe instead of UI we should look at OSX”?  How much would the advertising cost to build the new brand awareness? 

So Microsoft has to slowly step in to rebranding.  Starting with new products and then products that are less dependant on their name and could benefit from a more Web 2.0 look and feel.  Microsoft IPTV recently became Mediaroom libreoffice base kostenlos.

While I was the only one who liked it.  I think .Net was a great way to brand Microsoft products.  I would by and or Gooey.Net, Music.Net and Mobile.Net it is the right blend between what the IT guy in me needs and what the Twenty Something in me wants herunterladen.

My only fear is that Microsoft could take it too far.  So here are some of the Web 2.0 Name Microsoft should avoid:

  • Wrks.Net – A rebrand of that old predecessor to Word
  • Typr – The New Notepad
  • Adoption of the file extensions as Product Names, .Doc .XL .PPT
  • Bob
  • Sparkle or any other name that sounds like a generic for Comet


Microsoft doesn’t have to entirely rebrand.  It could just go the Mac OS Route and come up with catchy code names that is what everyone actually calls the product.  Leopard, Panther, and the other big cats are all people really know not 10.1, 10.2.  Gap is doing very well with its RED line of clothing a rebrand with a purpose. 

The most interesting thing will be to watch Home Media Server.  This is a chance to make geek sexy.  Home Servers have been the hallmark of four-eyed-tape-on-their-glasses-Steve-Urkle-wannabe-geeks, and now everyone can have one that is simple and easy to maintain.  This is the ultimate chance to show the world what Microsoft can do to make something that has geek stigma ready for the consumer xbox 360 update herunterladen.