MPAA 110% of Camcorder Recorded Pirated Movies Come From North America.

Warner Brothers stopped offering pre-release movie screenings in Canada because that is where 70% of movies pirated by camcorder come from.  Two Weeks ago The Motion Picture Association of America said more than 40 percent of bootlegged films are secretly videotaped in New York City theaters windos 10.

Considering the few people I know who have bragged of watching bootlegs have complained that their copies have subtitles in Korean, or Chinese… At least some portion of the movies must be coming from there video von tvthek downloaden.

This post was inspired by a headline at TechMeme at TechDirt, but some searching for links to include lead me to the BBC which broke the story.  This leads me to believe 118% of pirated stories are from North America tomb raider spiele kostenlosen.