Get a Mini, Eat a Boxster for Breakfast, and a Prius too just for good measure

I have a new love in my life.  She doesn’t have a name, yet, but she will.  and I’ll pinstripe it on with loving care, right above her rear bumper on the passenger side.  Yes, my new love is a car.  A 2007 Mini Cooper S Hatchback car racing games for free german. This is the perfect balance between fun to drive and Eco Friendly.  I get 36 miles to the gallon on my commute to work, and while that is less than some of my Prius Friends get at 48, I don’t look like a conformist with my.  I have  beautiful leather interior, that makes anyone who sees it immediately say as though they were not expecting it, “this is a nice car” apple music op iphone.

This is also a fast car. With the Sport button pushed, I easily leave Porsche Boxsters, Honda Civics (even the ones with the coffee can exhaust and “type-R” emblazoned on them”), Ford Mustangs, and all but the fastest of the roadsters at the line xbox one x 4k inhalte downloaden.

This makes me happy. I’m not a racer, but I’m a red blooded male, and I don’t want to feel inferior to anyone.  If you spent less than $50k on your car likely you are not leaving me in the dust.  If you spent more than $50k good for you, but I’d rather have the spare money for some things other than my car r und r studio herunterladen.

Over the next few months you will see articles inspired by my soon to be named Mini.

2007 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works JCW