Transformers the Movie Rocked, The Game Not So Much

I saw Transformers the Movie last night and it was easily the best adaptation of a TV series I can recall.  Movies have a hard time doing character development, you have to love the heroes, and often when you adapt a TV series the depth of the characters doesn’t come through.  Transformers solved this by keeping the characters simple.  There were a few corny attempts to make people deeper than they needed to be, but for the most part you got a sense for who people were and were able to identify with them quickly cv german download.

The effects were amazing.  They felt quite seamless most of the time, and the audience cheered and clapped at many of the transformations.  Jazz does a head spin dance move transformation that was really cool.  The Autobots are lovable curious, and you can imagine an 8 year old having them do many of the things they do. 

Several brief scenes that are clearly Hasbro plugs make for moments that are girlfriend approved.  The cute girl who wanders out to see the toothfairy which crashed in her pool being the most notable mycloud alle fotos herunterladen.

Transformers Optimus Prime an Autobot and Peterbilt Semi Fights to Defend the Earth from the Evil forces of The Decepticons

GMC must have paid a fortune to be placed through out the movie so many times.  This could have easily been “General Motors presents: The Transformers featuring the all new Chevy Camaro”.  Ebay did pretty well also, you’d have thought though that rather than trying to come kill Ladysman217 that the Decepticon’s would just have bought the item on Ebay.  I know I’d think that was easier than trying to infiltrate his home as a Police car herunterladen.

If you grew up playing with the toys go see this movie.  If you didn’t, go see it anyway it was a lot of fun especially if you get a crowd that was as excited about the film as the one I saw it with youtube movies ipad.

Transformers the Movie Soundtrack on Amazon You can pick up the soundtrack which is quite good mero baller los download kostenlos.

And incase you missed it, this is a quick clip from the movie where the all spark causes an Xbox 360 to come to life and pluck out the eyes of its owner….  Yeah, some how I think that may not be covered under the new three year warranty herunterladen.

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