Chris gets a photo but no link, and Vista sucks but only if you want it to do what XP used to

I could write about how Vista is the greatest thing ever, and that I can’t live with out it. which is partly true, but instead I’m choosing to first point out that MSNBC didn’t bother to link to Chris when they mentioned Lockergnome barbershop kostenlosen.

That is just mean.  Do an article mostly based on his feed back, mention him and then snub him on the link.

On the way to the airport Chris and I had this conversation about Vista, and he is right in a lot of ways that the support for existing hardware blows, especially in the scanner space keepass 2 deutsch kostenlos.Lockergnome on why vista sucks

I don’t think Microsoft thought about all of the Offices that have large Multi-function copiers that are also the fax and scanner for the cube farm around them.  Those scenarios are a huge impediment to people like my dad who does IT for a school which has lots of legacy print devices and legacy software that won’t make the upgrade.  If Reader Rabbit won’t run, and Mavis Beacon won’t print he is forced to stick with XP for another few years videos von youtubeen.

Further complicating the matters is that faculty is pushing him to look at Mac’s which emulate these programs just fine, give that cool current generation UI, and to their eyes are less likely to pass viruses which are a big problem in a lab environment download the incredible 2.

If you are a new computer user getting a bundle Vista is amazing.  If you are a legacy user… Upgrading is hard, but Microsoft told you that, and you can try it before you buy…