Downfly a response to Om’s new favorite Social Bookmarking site

This is in response to Om Malik’s post on DownFly    If you don’t know what Downfly is here is a quick summary from Om’s post

When you sign-up for the service, import your contacts and basically create groups steam workshop mods. You can email the links to a specific person, or to an entire group. The more a link gets sent around, the higher the authority (and relevance) of that link tetris gratisen. You can subscribe to other people?s Downfly (if they make it public.)

The best part is that recipients of the links don?t need to use the plug-in or download one perinorm norm. The service goes one step further and emails them a compiled list of the links sent to their email (from you and anyone else who sent to them) as one simple digest, at a set time.”

How is this that different from checking if you your friends also “Dugg” a link you sent them android files?

I don’t usually want my friends sending me links.  Sure I “Spam” my site to Onlywire, but truthfully I don’t want people spamming me with links.  The few times I send a link to someone it is because they requested it or I am certain they were interested in it java programm herunterladen.

I think you summed it up “bookmarking services that litter the tech landscape”.

I don’t want to be Pownced, Twittered, Stumbled and “Buried” in book marks lego pc spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Linked in has it mostly right.  If I can’t find what I’m looking for I ask a question on linked in and I can guarantee that I will get 3-5 well thought out quality answers wiso steuer 2019 mac herunterladen.

If I want Content links to fill my time I will go out to a site that aggregates stories I would be interested in.  That is what Blogs are, or used to be.  I could go read Scoble and get links that interested me, a little conversation and then hop over to a different niche site for the other things I wanted wiko apps herunterladen.

I think this was all easier before people tried to make it easier.