Facebook Advertising, Fake Identities, and Mining for Gold

Facebook is now open to the masses, not just students and people with .edu in their e-mail address. Hooray! Now all of use entrepreneurs can join the utopian relatively spam free online world, abandoning the slums that are myspace…

But wait, doesn’t that mean Facebook is going to have all of the same problems that myspace does?  Om Malik writes today about Facebook in startup pitches in VC’s requests.  Do you know who makes money mining for platinum?  The people who made money mining for gold first. 

If your company couldn’t figure out how to make money on MySpace you aren’t going to stand a chance on Facebook.  Facebook user’s are the total sheep that Myspace users are.  And Facebook has stricter guideline’s than Myspace was able to enforce with handy videos from youtube.

Already I am seeing the changes in Facebook, it won’t be long before it is just as cruddy as MySpace.  VC’s need to be aware of that. 

Facebook has a better demographic to sell to because they have more income, today, but that was because of the origins of the platform. With their new direction they are diluting their oil fields.  Monopolizing the 18-24  crowd would likely have been better longterm firefox downloaden android.

Maybe Facebook is a green field and some early adopters will make millions, but I think it is more likely that when the stampede happens everyone is going to get a little bit of grass, and a whole lot of manure national anthems.

Oh, and by the way… If you aren’t a student you don’t have facebook open enough to need face book apps.  Vista Side bar apps aren’t making people millions, and I have my desktop up 18 hours a day.  Same thing for OS X Side Bars, and Google Widgets putzplan downloaden.