UGC devaluation Content is a Polyarchy, the King is Dead

Let’s face it, the content on YouTube, Revr, and all the other video sites is crap.  None of it is worth $1m.  A lot of it isn’t worth 2 nickels.  But that is the joy of aggregation.  Your crap is worth the sum of its parts, and these guys have lots of parts.  Rafat Ali of points us at the findings of Bear Stearns ebooks pdf for free without registration.

What is said in the report is not news.  Just the fact that someone bothered to document what anyone who has been in the media space already knows is.  Many people are betting on getting rich in UGC, and it is important that VC’s and content creators understand that in the new market, content still rules, it does so one citizen at a time. 

The King Is Dead.  All hail the Polyarchy herunterladen.

With UGC as the new ruler, the King is dead.  Replaced with a Polyarchy of small local leaders, and a host of people who’s domain is so small as to be a postage stamp, but with the price of Postage, if you can collect enough stamps there is still a fortune to be made wie kann man samsung apps herunterladen.


I have been trying out various services paying me for my video on their site through shared revenue.  On any one of the services 20k views has been worth less than $3.  Which is why I’m still looking at text.  My CPM is much better.  Sure YouTube can leverage Millions of views, but as one of the many UGC Creators, I’m quickly finding I’d give up my reign to be in UGD User Generated Delivery videos von odnoklassniki herunterladen.

A big portion of the problem is convincing an advertiser to take the risk of being associated with content it knows nothing about.  Some advertisers don’t want to advertise during MTV shows that are too risque but that is very low risk compared to being Pepsi and having a contextual ad that ran because a video says “Hot teen girl sticks Pepsi up her (Insert your favorite orifice), or even more tame but still not what Pepsi would want “Pepsi loses blind taste test to RC” herunterladen.

Conversely the money made with things like Diet Coke and Mentos which can be shot for a few grand is driving people to try and find this gold.

The company that wins will be the one that can give video context. Accurately and with great targeted ads, that the sponsors trust to not conflict with their message.  But right now that means watching every minute of the content.  Something Sony is Doing with their new website called Crackle stronghold kostenlosen vollversion deutsch.  Which is just a reborn version of Grouper.

It transformed itself into a YouTube clone and was bought last August by Sony Pictures Entertainment for $65 million jahreskalender 2019 excel kostenlos. At the time, Sony said Grouper would be focused mainly on user-created video, which it hoped would spur the use of its home video equipment.  Sort of a reverse iTunes.  Selling people cameras to make content rather than Mp3 Players to listen to it fortnite nintendo.

Crackle offers better quality and better looking content but less of it.  But because of how it works it has been able to better target ads herunterladen.

There is gold in the hills, and lots of ways to extract it, but it will all come down to leveraging content most effectively.