You and 772 Million of your Friends Who Make up the Internet Community

Comscore is reporting that in the last 30 days 772million people have been on the Internet.  This doesn’t count anyone under the age of 15, and it doesn’t count people who used the Internet somewhere other than home or work sims 3 hühnerstall kostenlosen.

That is about 12% or one in 8 of the 6.6 billion people who inhabit Earth.  Last month 33,000 unique visitors came to my site.  Most of them looking for Transformers, Forza, or Noelia.  that is .00004% of the online population.  A slightly different number than what Alexa pumps out herunterladen.

What percent of people should be on the Internet? Asks Larry Dignan of ZdNet.  My answer to him would be 20% in 5 years.  How did I pull this number from my rectum?  Easy, I discounted everyone under 15 like Comscore does, I left out the people living in extreme poverty (living on less than $1 a day) which is about 20% and I assumed that half of the rest of the people didn’t care about the Internet enough to use it in their day to day activities Serious sam free download full version.

How can that be you say?  People break down in tears when you disconnect them.

But Truthfully many jobs don’t require the use of Internet and can actually be hindered by them.  If you work on the factory floor stamping parts, it is unlikely that you need to be distracted with e-mail or YouTube. 

Working the farm there are only certain times when the Internet comes in handy for determining if we should sell today or hold out for a better price tomorrow.  But as most local grain mills have pricing that is not quite the same as the commodities markets and many of those are not online yet, it doesn’t really help unless you are going to sell your grain on the “Floor” sky x series.

More important than how many users will be on the Internet is how many companies will be on the Internet.  Yesterday I was looking for information on a store in San Francisco called Murphy and Simi which doesn’t have a web presence beyond yelp.  Same for the Silicon Valley based Hair Salon I go to “Outrage” which only has a Myspace page herunterladen.