Gears of War Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Exploits, and Walk Through

                 Section 1: Controls for newbies
                     Section 2: Controls for pros
                        Section 3: Weapons
                           Section 4: FAQ (Frequently annoying quirks)
                              Section 5: Advice


Gears of War Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Exploits, and Walk Through


  OVERVIEW: Here, you will learn how to function in multiplayer and learn some
basic tactics that you will need to use consistently in every match. You can
do everything in multiplayer that you can do in campaign, so you might want
to go through the whole single player experience before you dive into multi.

   The first thing you fight in GOW is the camera, which is both awesome to
behold and a constant hindrance to your viewpoint. It’s over-the-shoulder
viewpoint is used to restrict your peripheral vision and allow enemy flanks.
This demands constant communication with your team mates, and is the first
game that demands this much of it. If you bought GOW and didn’t buy a mic, go
get one!

   When taking damage from enemies, your COG symbol located in the center of
your screen will fade in. When it reaches full, you will drop to your knees,
and be “downed”. A team mate can revive you, bringing your health to max
again, at the cost of vulnerability to both you and your reviver herunterladen.
   If you avoid damage for a brief period of time, you will recover your
health, and once the symbol disappears will be back for more action.
   So, moving around with the thumbsticks to move and strafe allow some
mobility, but to move from 1 spot to the other quickly requires you to use
the main button for GOW: “A”. Also known as the run button…

                   ***********RUN: A button**********

   …And to take off like a bat out of hell, covering your head. Suddenly you
are shot at from up ahead, your team mate is screaming: “Get down, you moron”!

             ***********ROLL: A button + direction**********
   And you roll out of the way of a boomshot, to live for another 5 seconds.
You see some sandbags in front of you, so you take cover to avoid more fire…

       ***********COVER: A button + toward cover point************

   …And your new buddy on your team is now screaming: “Shoot him, you dumb
ass! Haven’t you played this game non-stop since November!? What a noob!”…

                   **********FIRE: right trigger**********

   …So you politely shoot your weapon at your target (provided you haven’t
already died), blindfiring at the enemy anno 1800 where to download. Looks cool eh? Well, use it wisely
but not excessively. You will learn why later. So! You want a better shot at
the guy that’s shooting at you?

                   **********AIM: left trigger***********
   Your view with any gun is zoomed in with this trigger, at the cost of the
speed in which you can move around while doing so. Get this fact straight
immediately if you are new to GOW: DON’T MOVE AND FIRE AT THE SAME TIME WHILE
YOU ARE HOLDING THE LEFT TRIGGER. Don’t. You sacrifice critical speed AND
accuracy of said weapon, especially the longshot (sniper rifle). If you want
to go in guns blazin’, then you should “hip fire” by merely shooting without
using the aimer.

             ***********COVER MOVES: direction + A************

   When you are on a leg of cover that allows cover moves, the indicator on
the bottom of your screen will reflect the option that is allowed based on
what cover you are in and what cover is nearby. You can go from post-to-post,
looking all cool. You can roll out sideways with the same command if there is
not anything to take cover next to you bluetooth for laptop for free german. You can press down to remove yourself
awkwardly and probably take damage, too. You can jump over low ended cover,
and you can run forward from an edge of cover. These moves are extremely,
EXTREMELY vital to master. You need to learn the nuances of moving from place
to place quickly and with little effort, and that takes practice. Lastly, if
you are in cover that is tall, you can duck by pressing in on the left thumb
stick. This is usually a good idea to make yourself harder to hit.

            *************ACTIVE RELOAD: right bumper*************

   Pressing the right bumper starts the Active Reload system, which is another
piece of the game you must attempt to master. When you start the active reload
a bar appears on the top right of the screen with a line running across it.
You want to press the bumper again once the line is in the grey area to reload
quicker. Pressing it too late or too early jams your gun causing BIG trouble.
Pressing it on the small white line within the grey area is an ACTIVE reload,
which is a temporary damage boost that can be devastating herunterladen. You can also wait
out the bar and reload slower with no consequence, but where’s the fun
in that?!

              ***************MELEE: B button***************
   The melee strike (I will not spell it Mee Lee) is the devastating final
solution in GOW to take down the enemy. It’s power between most of the weapons
is equaly devastating, with only 1 or 2 strikes neccesary to down an opponent.
It’s also a risky thing around multiple opponents, because you are vulnerable.
If you are stuffed with an enemy and he hasn’t done it yet, touch the B button
to smack him up with your weapon. That is, if you aren’t using the default gun
in GOW, in which case you are revving up the…

                **********CHAINSAW: B button************

   Using the chainsaw is awesome the first few times, and funny later on.
Using the Lancer (the default assault rifle at the start of every round), you
start the bayonet by holding down the B button. Simply run into an enemy to
start the kill choppety kill. This weapon is deadly but balanced, so note the
fact that most players die immediately after chainsawing in a firefight. If
you are hit with anything when you are revving up, you will be stunned and
need to press the button again. Don’t, do not, please dont, DON’T run straight
up to someone thinking you’ll get a kill. You will probably die.

               ***********WEAPON PICK UP: X button***********

   Simple enough, when the icon for a weapon appears you can swap one of your
main weapons (left and right), or sidearm (down), or grenades java runtime environment herunterladen. You may only
carry one of each type of weapon. If you have a grenade or sidearm selected
you won’t be able to grab a main weapon until you select one first; however,
you CAN pick up a sidearm or grenade with a main weapon selected. If you have
a snub pistol (your default sidearm) when picking up frag grenades you will
automatically switch to them. You are extremely vulnerable when picking up
weapons, so beware.

            ***********TAC COM: left bumper. POI: Y button************

   These are 2 vital means of understanding where your team is located, and
what they have equipped. Holding the left bumper shows the status, direction,
and weapon of each team mate. Holding down the Y button shows the nearest
player to you, or a downed player pleading for help. Use these buttons!

             ***********TEAM MATE REVIVAL: X button***********

   If a player is down on your team you may revive him by standing next to the
player and pressing “X”. Beware you are extremely vulnerable when doing so.
Hoding down the “Y” button when the red icon appears at the top of your screen
will point you in the direction you need to go, so don’t scream: “Were are


                                GAME DETAILS

       Here are some general facts that assist in starting off in GOW:

   Game modes: WARZONE

   WARZONE: The default mode of deathmatch in GOW, Warzone relies more on
teamwork than Execution, because a downed player can’t get up on their own herr der ringe fonten for free.
If you shoot a downed player 2 or 3 times (once in the head) you will finish
him off. You need to be more careful than in other modes if you plan on living
longer. The “Bleed Out” time that is set by the host is a timer in which the
player has to live before he dies; if a team mate is downed note the filling
red symbol representing the time left until he dies. When you are down,
tapping the “A” button prolongs the timer a bit; you don’t need to mash the
button, since it’s only a brief extension so long as you consistantly press

   ASSASSINATION: A rarely played mode that can be very fun with the right
players; not very fun if you don’t have good team mates.
   Each team begins with a leader, one being Hoffman (the general) and the
opposise being General RAMM.
   If a player kills the leader of the other team, then that player is made
into the new leader. If your teams leader is killed, then the player with the
most points on that team is made leader. Make sure you pay attention to the
player models to know which target to worry about. 
   This game type requires the most team work of all the game types, and is
very fun in player match mode Download apps.
   With the recent updates, this game style is now in the vein of Execution,
with players rising up after a down automatically. In addition, all players
are now able to pick up weapons as well.

   EXECUTION: A variant of Warzone that is also popular in GOW, Execution’s
main difference is that you cannot be killed while downed unless you are
in execuction range, which is about melee range. You can, of course, kill
the player before he is downed, E.G. headshot, etc.
   As in Warzone, you are limited to 2 downs before a third down
automatically kills the player. If the “bleed out” time is reached, the
downed player is automatically revived. Most matches, ranked or unranked,
are set to 5 seconds lately, which means you need to be careful about rising

   ANNEX: A new game mode in style of king of the hill, annex is the first
mode in GOW that has respawns.
   The neatly made icon system on the top left at the start of the match
displays all the information you need to know what’s going on in the match.
   The objective is to score points for the team via controlling a weapon
spawn selected at random; the center indicator shows the weapon in question,
and a small pointer attached to orient you to it’s location herunterladen.
   Once a player reaches a circle that surrounds the area, it begins the
capture proccess. The more of 1 team fills in the circle, the faster the
capture of the location. Once captured, the circle on-screen pulses to the
team’s color. At this time, a single point per second is rewarded to the team
until the other team BREAKS the prossess. To do this, they need to be in the
circle uncontested for a moment.
   When you control a spot, you do NOT NEED to be in the circle to gain
points; however, a player in the location can hold control if one player on
the other team tries to take it over; you need to be the only one in the
circle to break or take the location. However, the more players on your team
that are in it, the faster you capture it.
   When respawning, you are randomly placed in waves (15 seconds apart) on
either side of the map. You begin with 5 seconds of invunerability; however
you need to act quickly if a player is attempting to spawn kill you.
   The strategy of this game is quite different than the other gametypes, and
can be a blast with friends; however, I find ranked matches to be quite
annoying and cheesy, unless you happen to have 2 good teams (which is RARE.)
   If you don’t know, the achievements that are gained from this gametype are
few between; you can only gain a couple, such as clusterluck, remember your
first and so on. Kill-based achievements are removed from this gametype.


   If you are starting out and getting used to GOW, do us all a favor, and
yourself, by starting out in Player Match mode videos gratisen. It’s more fun and less
irritating to your teammates if you are new to the game. It’s also the best
way to learn a specific weapon, since it’s easy to start a match with a
custom weapon slot.

   Do not call it a server. Every match in GOW is hosted by another player,
hence he/she is a HOST. After the update, you can’t find the host’s name in
ranked matches.

   This is surprisingly hard for some people to figure out (it took me about
30 minutes to get it right), but it’s very simple to do.
   Make sure only 1 profile is signed in the main menu. Select “X Box Live
Player Match”, and the option of “guest sign in” will appear on the bottom.
Sign in as a GUEST, not a profile you made up in the X box dashboard.
As you might guess, you cannot have guests in ranked matches.


   After loading up a map when connecting to your host (or starting a match),
you begin in the “center” of the team setup. You will be invisible to the
other players for the most part, but you can talk to them still if you wish.
pressing either direction will pick your team you wish to be on; the game
does not allow unbalanced teams, so if there is 1 more player on 1 team, you
must go on the opposite etka download deutsch kostenlos.
   Player matches continue until the host removes himself, and usually has a
rotating map scheme. You will often come into a match in progress, and join
after the round (not match) is over.


   All ranked matches are started in the pregame lobby; you can’t continue a
match after it’s over, and must start a new game every time. Simply put, get
in, play, go home.
   Unlike player matches, you can’t start the match until it is a least 3 on
3. Most matches begin with 4 on 4.
   With the update online, you are now unable to begin a match unless there
are even teams on each side, meaning a 4-on-3 scenario is no longer possible.
   Like previously stated, only experienced players should go through the
trouble to get into ranked matches. Don’t start learning the ropes in this
area, or you’re going to have a rough time getting into this game.