Gears of War Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Exploits, and Walk Through



*************************** SLIDING COVER

   Running up to any cover spot (basically any object that isn’t at spawn)
and pressing “A” whilst the direction of the direct cover will make the player
slide into it, which is both looking cool and gaining speed in movement.
   You can bounce from wall to wall with this technique, and throw off your
opponents. It’s also a great way to get killed if you are merely trying to
run away!

*************************** RUNNING ALONG COVER

   Holing “A” while moving along cover speeds up your movement to nearly the
speed in which you run, making you a dificult target. Note that reloading
cancels this extra speed. Also watch the direction you are poining the stick,
since you can cancel the cover by pressing away from it.

*************************** BLINDFIRE TIPS

   The blind firing technique when taking cover has many applications, but
should be used wisely and swiftly. If you take cover and sit still, shooting
at an enemy pointlessly, you open up to sniper fire, flanks and other trouble.
   When blindfiring at any enemy, your head is exposed for head shots; any
action (moving, reloading, firing) when under cover makes you vulnerable to
enemy fire (especially on the same level).
   When attempting to shoot around a corner, remember to press outward on
the control stick (left or right), to stick your aim out to score hits. If
you simply aim towards the enemy without doing this, you will mainly strike
the wall next to you, especially with the shotgun. This makes you slightly
more vulnerable, but far more accurate.
   Finally, the angle in which you precieve to have protection is decieving
in GOW; you generally are more exposed from the sides than you think, and
this proves deadly when being approached by a charging shotgunner. If you
must blindfire with this gun, press out fist!

*************************** ADVANCED RUNNING

   When you hold “A” you run directly ahead, without the need to hold forward
on the left stick. Holding down the button and then pressing ANY direction
will send your player running in that direction. This is a essensial move to
get around quickly, so master this. Another technique is to roll sideways
after passing a passageway to advance down that passage; keep the A button
held down along with the direction, and you will continue to run down that

*************************** WEAPON SLIDE

   It doesn’t work after the latest patch. (YESSSS!)
There is a variant that has always existed, in where you are taking cover
while you are picking up the weapon (usually in canals). This really isn’t
a glitch, so it’s no big deal; it’s also really hard to pull off every time.
Basically, you run along cover (read above) and pick up the weapon at the
same time; this may allow you to pick up the weapon while still in cover.
**************************** ADVANCED ICONS

   Paying attention to your icons is extremely vital to success. Here are some
tips to allow you to be more knowledgable:
   When a weapon is picked up, the COLOR of the team is now visible, making
the info less confusing. If you are still curious if a team mate picked up the
boomshot, then hold the left bumper down and look at his symbol; it shows
both where he is, and what weapons he’s equipped with.
   DON’T ask a downed player: “Where are you?!”. Just hold the “Y” button
down to point you in his direction. He might be right next to you!

**************************** LOOK SENSITIVITY

   I personally suggest that you change the sensitivity (accessed anytime in-
game via the “x box 360 controller” option menu) to HIGH, since you are much
quicker with aiming with the sniper and are able to turn around quicker as
well. Some weapons are harder to aim (like the torque bow) initially, but you
can overcome this hinderance.

**************************** ACTIVE RELOAD: PART II

   The active reload is extremely vital to survival in online matches, but
many players are unaware of a few vital facts:
   Each time you AR a paticular weapon in succession, the hot-spot decreases
each time until you either fail, or melee when the reload bar appears. This
makes continuous reloading difficult, and most players can’t AR past 6X.
   If you have the time, you can override this “shrinkage” by striking with
the “B” button, canceling the reload and restoring the AR bar. 
   Your active ammo (the reloaded ammo flashing after the fact) will only last
about 5 seconds, so make sure you time it correctly, and more importantly,
time a player that you are dueling in your head. If that player likes to down
via the longshot, count to 5 after he AR’s, and rush in.
   The pistol and hammerburst are nearly the same when reloaded, so don’t
rely on it to succeed. There is a small difference, but compared to the damage
boost of other weapons, it’s very minute. See below for details.  

**************************** THE POINT SYSTEM (SCORING)

         The scoring system for Warzone and Exectution is very simple:

A down is worth 15 points.
A kill is worth 10 points.
A headshot, frag tag, or other instant death is also 25 points, if the player
is standing (not down).
A curb stomp is worth 15 points. (5 more than a standard kill.)

Now, factor THIS in when comparing scores:

When you damage a player about halfway to a downing point, you begin to score
points, all the way up to 4, where his COG symbol is blood red. If another
player kills or downs the target when you’re shooting him, you get the damage
points, and the other player gets the kill/down points, LESS the amount that
you damaged the target.

Simply put, if you hurt him to 4 points of damage and a team mate headshots
the guy instead, you get 4 points, and your team mate gets 21.

If a down occurs, it’s 10 points up for grabs no matter what or who downed
the player.

Finally, the damage point ratio also applies to a target that hurts HIMSELF
before getting killed/downed. If he downs himself (-15 points), then you
gain 10 points for finishing him off. If he stuns himself with a grenade
(say, -3 points), and you flash him with a shotgun, you get 22 points.

If at any point the target recovers fully before any of the above variables
occur, then the point dispertion is reset.
                   This concludes this topic for GOOD.