Gears of War Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Exploits, and Walk Through


                              SECTION 3: WEAPONS
           Here is a detailed strategy with all the weapons in GOW:

   Within each weapon listing shows a damage ratio, where I display how many
shots it actually takes to down a player.
   With the exception of the longshot, there is no difference between shots
to the whole body, save the head itself. With the longshot, shots to the
upper body (waist to the neck, and either arm) down the player when AR’ed.

   As mentioned frequently, the AR is extremely useful in battle and should
be one of the many things to practice in GOW multiplayer. The damage ratio
with each weapon or it’s effects are listed here too.


   USES: Your default weapon in every match; it’s uses after the latest patch
are now even further expanded to any range. It’s power has been upped, with
the ability to down players almost instantly. If you are in close range you
can attempt to circle incoming players with hip-fire if you are strapped
for time in switching to the shotgun.
   TECHNIQUES: It’s a beautiful weapon when used in pairs, and 2 players
select the sameopen target; the resulting down is almost instant.
USE TEAMWORK with this weapon!
   If you are targeting a partially exposed player under cover, the lancer
is once again a great use, allowing you to move the aimer until you find a
spot to hit the player. Watch for the blood splatters.
   A crack team of lancers (4 players picking the same target… Sweet)
would be unstoppable if it were assembled, but many players can’t let go
of the shotgun, so time will have to be a factor for players to re-learn
this now powerful weapon.
   ACTIVE RELOAD: After careful reasearch, it’s AR has been capped to nearly
the same as standard ammo; it’s rounds are powerful enough.
    DOWN RATIO: 12 bullets to the body, 8 to the head. AR: 11 to the body,
8 to the head

*****GNASHER: (Shotgun)

   USES: A favorite among most players on GOW, the shottie (I won’t call it
Gnasher) is extremely deadly if used correctly, although it’s one of the
hardest weapons to master.

   TECHNIQUES: This weapon can score headshots from any range, although it’s
better to be in close. With no latency, a single shot to the body will flash
an opponent, sending gibs everywhere. The damage of this weapon is huge, but
you need to be accurate with it online.
   On headshots, if the player is damaged heavily beforehand it’s far more
likely to happen than if you try to flash the player instead. The Active
reload rounds further enhance the chance of getting one.
   This weapon is most effective on-the-move, with no use of the aimer. With
practice, you can use an imaginary crosshair to shoot your enemies.
   Another alternative to not using the aimer is to use the aimer and firing
simultaniously, which increases your accuracy in trade of speed. Do NOT hold
down the aimer when using this gun!
   A common technique to take opponents by suprise is to run up with the
shotgun (holding “A”), and firing up close. You need to be within melee range
to kill the guy; if you fail to time it correctly you will be in trouble.
   Finally, a personal favorite is to stun an enemy with the “B” button, and
finishing him off with a quick shot. Once the player is struck and stunned,
you will be in auto-aim mode for your finishing shot, so circle him quickly.

   ACTIVE RELOAD: While the active rounds of the shotgun are deadlier, it’s
still the most deadly up-close, since it only takes a single shot to flash
a player. Some players rely on active reload with the shotgun to down players
from a longer distance.
The lancer is far better suited for medium range
attacks in this scenario. The closer you get, the bigger the gamble.
   DOWN RATIO: Variable, but aiming for the mid section produces the most
damage; head regions increase the chance of a head shot. An active seems to
increase it’s range, but it’s debatable towards it’s actual damage ratio.
****SNUB PISTOL: (Pistol)

   USES: Another deadly weapon with varying uses. It’s downing shot, when
aimed at the skull, will blow it off. It’s melee is well known at this point
for quickly dispatching enemies in conjunction with hip-fire. With the recent
update, the lancer is in many cases a better weapon of choice however.

   TECHNIQUES: A great technique that is hard to stop is to hip-fire (not
using the aimer), and score a couple of hits. When you get into range to hit
the opponent you can down him with one strike.
   A similar technique is to hit a guy first, stunning him. While BACKING UP,
fire on to the poor sap and you should score a quick down as well.
   It’s also a great weapon to down retreating, injured enemies. It’s the most
accurate of your default weapons.
   Unaware players will lose their head when the downing shot from a pistol
is aimed at the head. It’s rather satisfying.
   ACTIVE RELOAD: The active for this gun is nearly the same.
   DAMAGE RATIO: 7m to the body, 6 to the head (6th=headshot).
AR: 6 to the body, 6 to the head (6th=headshot)


   USES: Every player begins with a single smoke, and can be very useful in
distracting opponents. It’s smoke can smother a sniper’s line of fire, but
it’s better to land a smoke near a sniper, not near you. A talented sniper
may simply fire into the smoke and get a shot in anyway.
   You can smoke tag an enemy with the melee button, but it’s for comedic
purposes only.
   Just as in the frag grenades, you can (and should almost always) not
use the aimer to throw a smoke, less you expose yourself needlessly.


   USES: A weapon that should always be picked up when found, the frags serve
a many of use.
   I’m sure you are aware of the grenade tag, by meleeing the opponent at
close range with it equipped. It’s range has been capped to the same as any
other weapon, making getting away more difficult.
   Holding the aimer creates a helpful arc line that shows where your grenade
will go when thrown. However, I prefer to not use aimer at all; it’s speed of
release is much faster and unexpected. You can also blind throw it for an even
better suprise.
   It’s damage can stun an enemy for a quick kill, but if they are already
hurt the damage will most likely kill them. If you think a thrown frag will
stun a player, then switch to another weapon before it explodes; you will have
enough time to down him then.


   USES: A difficult but deadly alternative to the lancer, the hammer is a
personal nemesis to yours truly. I have been corrected by a dozen players
claiming that the weapon is godlike, but I still don’t see the purpose in it
on many occasions.
   While it’s a great weapon, it’s supposed accuracy is severely diminished
in many cases. A rolling player can avoid it’s deadly bursts of lead and gain
an advantage point on you. It requires VERY good aim to use properly, and a
fast player can outmanuver your shots if mess up.

   TECHNIQUES: This weapon, unlike the lancer, is still accurate when moving
around in the “aim” mode (L trigger), which is a benefit against a lancer or
pistol user. It can down players with extreme viotility if they don’t react
quickly. The rounds are powerful, but not improved since the last update,
meaning they are about the same as the lancer, further dismissing it. It’s
main benefit over the lancer is it’s melee strike, allowing more versitile
close quarter combat. Simply whack and shoot.

   ACTIVE RELOAD: Virtually no difference in power, trust me on this one.
   DAMAGE RATIO: 12 to the body, 7 to the head. AR: 11 to the body.

****SNIPER (Longshot):

   USES: One of the most powerful weapons in GOW, it’s uses are obvious and
very, VERY neccesary to be aware of. The main 2 uses with the sniper in
killing opponents are either active reloading, head shots, or both.
   The active reload for this weapon is very definitive. When you are in AR
mode with your single round, you can down an enemy with a shot to the UPPER
half of his body (including arms). The same round shot to the LOWER half will
severely damage the same person, enough to down him with a pistol with a mere
couple shots.
   While the shot itself without AR is somewhat minimal (and the same, high or
low on the body), be aware that a melee strike afterwards will down an enemy.
   Headshots are a never-ending satisfaction in GOW, and here are some key
tips on how to get them:
   TIP#1: Do not zoom in (by pressing the right thumbstick in) if you are near
the opponent, or within a  medium range. You tend to be more accurate without
the use of directly lining up a shot.
   TIP#2: DON’T move the left thumbstick when you are about to fire, for you
will throw off your shot big-time. Try it out yourself and notice the
   TIP#3: Blindfiring enemies (especially under low-cover) will always expose
their heads for an easy headshot. If you are on the same level as them (not
over them), a stationary covered enemy is immune to sniper shot; you need to
gain an angle on them to score a shot. The reticule on your sniper will turn
red if your shot is good to go. Remember: Don’t settle for anything less than
a headshot if you don’t have an AR round.
   TIP#4: To get more headshots, go for them. Play unranked matches with your
friends and play with a bunch of snipers. Learn the spots that expose players
and don’t settle for a body shot.

****BOLTOK PISTOL (Magnum)

   USES: A very, VERY hard weapon to used in GOW; I argue that it is almost
useless when you are in a laggy match online. It’s supreme power is masked by
very limited ammo and tricky AR timing.
   *TECHNIQUES: You only get a handful of bullets to use with the boltok, so
relying on a active reload means letting off a couple of rounds pre-battle,
and not missing. It’s active reload doubles the power, but it’s hard to pull
   Like the pistol, it’s melee use with the regular rounds are great, but I
would prefer to melee first, then shooting the enemy while they are stunned.
This technique however, can just as easily be done with the snub.

   ACTIVE RELOAD: Way more powerful, but difficult in a big battle to set
up; you only get 2 sets of magazines with a pick-up.
   DAMAGE RATIO: 3 to the body, 2 to the head (2nd=headshot).
AR: 2 to the body, 2 to the head (2nd=headshot).


   USES: Vastly changed in terms of damage recently, the boomshot is a very
scary thing to go up against. I personally believe the boomshot to be the
most powerful weapon in GOW; and not many people will argue that.
   This weapon is in my opinion overpowered, and should ALWAYS be a focal
point in a match. Only a mildly talented player is neccesary to gain a
supreme upper hand against any player in front of him.
   *TECHNIQUES: Simply aiming at the ground (I prefer not even aiming) below
the feet of an enemy will drop them, or kill them if it’s close enough.
   If you have 2 enemies to deal with, you can drop both if your aim is good
enough; if you down one enemy in front of you with 1 round of the boomer, see
if his team mate attempts to revive him. Aim directly at the player and fire.
You will gain an instant double kill. 
   A great move on the opponent is to draw blind fire, which exposes their
body for a quick kill. Make sure the reticule is red before you fire.
   If an enemy is hiding behind cover, such as a pillar or sandbag, simply
aim for the space nearest them that lies BEHIND that cover, without hitting
the cover itself; the splash damage will either down the player, or severely
damage him/her.

   ACTIVE RELOAD: Not as neccesary as it was, but still powerful, since it
makes an extra long explosion to down players nearby.
   DAMAGE RATIO: Direct hit = splat. Ground shot near feet = Splat.


   USES: My favorite weapon, the bow is a hyper-deadly weapon when a player
doesn’t miss often. Pulling back the bow makes for a forboding sound that
warns all nearby players; the longer that you hold down the fire button,
the harder the arrow is shot.
   You need enough torque to stick to a player before it will explode and kill
him; it takes about 3 seconds by default. If you fail this, the arrow will
bounce off him, or around the place.
   However, as I use it, an active reload of this weapon doubles the speed
and splash damage of this weapon. You need only hold down the fire button for
a fraction of the time to make the shot deadly; the splash damage from sending
the arrow to the enemies feet will possibly be enough to kill him also.
   A great technique on advancing enemies is a active reload near the feet of
an aggresser, and switching weapons to finish the enemy. It’s splash damage
is powerful!
   Another way to use the splash damage is to use it multiple times on an
enemy that is attempting to snipe or otherwise hide. Shoot as close as you can
to him without hitting the cover they are taking; hit the ground or nearby
wall to inflict damage. If you down the player, they will explode!
   BEWARE: Charging the bow makes you a HUGE target to a sniper; it’s muzzle
light is noticeable from any range. And whatever you do, DO NOT blind charge a
round if you are aware of a sniper!


   USES: The hardest weapon to master in GOW, the hammer is a death beam sent
via sattelite to destroy your enemies from above. Learn first, the sound of
the beeps that proceed your death.
   While aiming directly OR without aiming, target a spot that doesn’t have
anything overhead to trigger a beep. When your target has a spot highlighting,
be sure to hold that spot until a beam comes down to oblitherate your target.
   It’s not as easy as it sounds to most; any object that comes between you
and your target (except the target itself) will cancel the process, and you
need to start over.
   A great technique in open areas (fuel depot, for example) is to use it
on-the-run, targeting open ground while moving. Once the beam lands, you can
move it freely around the map for 5 seconds or so.
   The rest is patience and knowing the exact spots to target, so you don’t
spend any time searching for spots that will work. Looking upwards in certain
maps reveals possible spots that you can use to suprise your enemies.
   The splash damage for the initial blast is dangerous; it’s beam afterwards
is less deadly, but can wipe out players if it’s held to them.


   USES: All of the weapons in GOW except the lancer and hammer of dawn swing,
stun and down players EXACTLY THE SAME. There is no contest to the range,
damage or anything else in this game; it’s made that way.
   When you swing your weapon (or chainsaw), the game automatically hits the
target if you are within 80 degrees of facing the enemy. If you get chainsawed
and wonder how he turned around so fast, there is your answer.
   You can run into an enemy while within the animation of swinging, allowing
you to score the hit.
   If you hit an enemy during an animation, e.g. chainsawing, they won’t be
stunned by it. Make sure you develop a timing for this and understand the
game’s faults. DON’T melee a reviving player before shooting him; your strike
won’t stun and you will be in big touble!
   If you are shot during any part of your swing animation you will be stunned
just as if you were shot attempting to chainsaw a player.
   The hammer of dawn was made weaker in damaging up close to balance the
weapon. It takes 3 hits instead of 2 to down a player.
   Also, when playing online there is a common uccurance of both players
hitting each other with a strike; you will build muscle memory to know what to
do when this happens. If you can break away from the range when you both
revover, then shoot him. If you can’t, then you can attempt to beat him to the
next punch, but it’s basically a coin toss at that point.


                                MAP TECHNIQUES
     if you don’t know what you are doing, then join a player match or local
        game, and learn the default locations. It should be easy for you
         to learn, and I won’t pollute the file size with needless info.

****************************************** GRIDLOCK:

   From my experience, this map has the most players online playing it. If you
have a team going into this map, then more power to you joining in. But if you
feel like joining in at random, tread carefully. A majority of pro’s prefer
this map over anything else.

   A critical point is the longshot, and you need control of it more than any
other weapon. But to do that, you may need 2-3 team mates to get to it. Watch
for a player running past the frag grenades for a rear attack when battling by
the longshot. With the latest update this area is very tricky to rush at the
start of the match.
   Newbie players will sacrifice their team by running up to grab the hammer-
-burst, because it simply takes too long to get at the beginning of the round.
I’ve seen many matches end at the small area where you locate this weapon,
though. It’s very hard to get a shot on a player that’s crouched there.
   Another critical weapon that counters the longshot is the boomshot, and it
requires speed to get. With the slide glitching (presently) cancelled, you
are EXTREMELY vulnerable to a surprise attack from either vehicle near the
boomer when attempting to rush it.
   A quick summary: 2 groups of 2 are ideal setups here, since a group of 3
or 4 tend to be picked off on this map via confusion. A good start off would
be 2 to the longshot, and 2 to the boomshot.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Grabbing the hammerburst. Stop it.

**************************************  CANALS:

   Another favorite, the canals are filled with a variety of kill scenarios.
You tend to start off with a headshot, a quick lancer kill at the center, then
a torque bow kill, a grenade tag and finally a shotgun flash for flavor. JOY!

   The front player is the one that needs to grab the sniper located at either
bridge; other players are likely to expose their heads to danger from the
opposite sniper; watch you icons, and hold off if you are outrunned.
   The frags tend to be open for business, so grab them if you can. If you do,
then check below for any lancer battles going on for the torque bow. You can
bank the grenades off of the stone pillars and gibbify a couple of players.
   Unless you are some strange player that is obsessed with the boltok, ignore
the weapon at the base of the frag bridge; it’s too vulnerable from every
   A crack team of active lancers can roast players rushing grenade side if
you can cooirdinate a strike; be sure to spot patterns in the opposite team.
   And for crying out loud, don’t fire on anyone at the beginning of the round
from the sniper bridges! You will surely be head shot most of the time, unless
your opponents are crap snipers.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Trying to outsnipe a sniper at the start. (POP!)

*************************************************** MAUSOLEUM:

   This map is rediculously filled with cover locations and hiding spots.
And if you are into that, then you should love this map already. It’s also
chock-full of weapons to grab, if you are daring…

   Remember that the side that has the frags is the same that contains the
longshot. The boltok side hides the torque bow. And of course, they alternate
each round.
   The boomshot is very handy on this map, as are the other 2 power weapons,
which are all in-line with another. To gain control of the boomer, you need
a player to rush it (or 2).
   Since this map tends to be in-your-face, the shotgun isn’t a bad choice of
a default weapon. The lancer should be for support only, unless you like to
try and chainsaw (ugh.)
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Blindfiring at a sniper or boomshot. You’ll learn
quickly on what happens when you do that.

******************************************* ROOFTOPS:

   My least favorite map by far, but still requiring as much skill and
strategy as any other map. Teamwork and communication are double-fold in
nessecity here, so speak up!

   There are a multitude of high-up locations to aim the hammer of dawn,
even at the starting area. Experiment!
   This is also a good map to practice your head shots, since most of the
battle is on a level surface. A defensive team can break an impatient team
apart on this map.
   This map needs cooperation between all of your team mates, which means
that you need to assign yourselves the roles needed, and use it to your teams
advantage, not your own. You need a hammer of dawn expert, a good sniper, a
frag grenadier, and shotgun whore. How you choose to hammer or snipe purely
depends on what happens during the match, but don’t argue over who gets what.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Suicide via hammer of dawn.

**************************** CLOCKTOWER:

   This map is very unpredictable. It also requires a lot of teamwork and
communication to succeed. This is a map that also requires the whole team
to stay together for the best results, since it’s somewhat wider than some.
It’s also with few explosions, save the hard-to-aquire frags and boomshot.

   Rushing the longshot up top is not a bad idea, and you can usually find who
is up there before you try and grab the weapon. Beware of the far pillars and
it’s possible surprise attack.
   The hammerburst serves a nice weapon to assist from up top, but is also a
good way to get nailed from a multitude of angles when approaching it.
   A lot of matches turn into a shotgun war at the base of the map, where the
vehicles are, but smart players avoid this area unless the whole team is down
   An excellent area to flank is right along the barricade next to the frags.
If you sneak over the wall you can often catch players on the opposite side
if they are distracted. If not, you still have a shotgun advantage point,
since they cannot get to you.
   The boomshot is a tricky endeveour, and should be grabbed with caution.
If the other team grabs the sniper when you approach it, you are in big
trouble. Do not, under any circumstances, try to boom the sniper from that
location; I’ve NEVER seen a successful hit (although it’s possible).

   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Camping at spawn or near the boltok pistol.

************************************WAR MACHINE:

   This map harbors the troika, which is both superdeadly and superuseless.
While there may be a way to consistanly use the weapon to kill the opposition,
I’ve not seen it yet.

   You can split your teams into 2 on this map, each attempting a paticular
weapon, or go in full force to either the longshot or torque bow. The longshot
arena is filled with carnage, so beware.
   There are 2 spots along the side of the longshot area that allow you height
over the protective sandbags, and flank your opponents. You can even move to
this location from your side, by dropping down and moving to the left/right.
   The large, iron box at the very center of the map is a good location to
either hide or at lease gauge the opposition. Weaker players may pass right
on by without seeing you against it.
   Grabbing the torque bow usually requires a fast player rushing it, and a
player covering him. Check when roadie running up to the torque if you are
rushing; you might see a player running up to challenge you for it.
   It’s extremely hard to use the grenades to kill the players grabbing the
torque, so it’s usually best to save the frags for when you need it more.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Too obvious to mention here.


   Another good map to stick together and not do your own thing. Going
either inside to rush the longshot, or outside to nab the boomshot or frags
can lead to some devastating flanks.

   It’s generally benefitial to stick as a squad in this map, although it
depends on how the other team is behaving. You can sometimes land a flank
or 2, especially inside via the staircase.
   When rushing into the mansion, a guy checking out the lower half is almost
essential in order to scope out flank attempts. Stick to near the edge, less
you expose your location.
   When rushing outside for boomshot, a skilled player should hone the hammer
burst and cover a player attempting to grab the boomer. There are many ways
around outside to trick your opponents, so keep an eye out for angles.
   A very vulnerable area to the boomshot is by the sniper, at the top of
either staircase. If you decide to try and hold this area, split up.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Getting caught one way or another in the boomshot
area; you need to proceed carefully in order to obtain these power weapons.

****************************************FUEL DEPOT:

   Another personal favorite map, the fuel depot is one of the largest in
GOW; it’s many hiding spots and challenge areas provides a wide variety
of strategy and skill. It’s also the most boring if you die frequently.

   The fastest players should grab the sniper rifle and attempt to down
the opposite player, if they can get the first shot. If you are quicker than
the enemy, you can AR his midsection and down him in the trailer.
   The hammerburst is an OK weapon on this map, allowing great support for
your team mates; this doesn’t apply if they are the run-and-gnash type,
   The hammer of dawn is excellent to grab early on in each round, but is
less useful late in the game, when you are searching for the last guy; it’s
better to use the weapon when the other team is unaware of your possesion of
   Blowing up the gas station with the hammer of dawn is awesome; however,
be aware that you can actually hurt your friends with the splash damage after
the fact. To my knowledge it’s the only way to hurt a team mate with friendly
fire off.

******************************************************TYRO STATION:

   I always enjoy this map, although it’s arguably the least popular map in
ranked gametypes. The weapon pacing forces players to go empty handed, which
leaves a lot of hungry gamers cold.

   It’s obvious that 1 player (usually the frontman) needs to rush their
torque bow; it’s uses are far too great to leave for your opponent. The catch
to having only 1 player get it and have the rest of the team elsewhere, is
that you leave the lone player pinned at torque. He is also open to free shots
from the opposite team if they grab their torque.
   The bottom area is a small mess of quick moves and possible flank attempts,
and is very dangerous without a buddy or 2. It’s possible to line up a couple
of lancers under cover, and release a “firing squad” on a player grabbing
the frags.
   The hammer of dawn is extremely hard to use on this map, but is valuable if
you obtain it while the other team camps below. Learn the spots in which you
can hammer the opposite side, and your own if you are rushed.
   The area directly across when running up and outside, opposite of torque,
is a good area to hide and pull off sneak attacks if the other team tries
to cross.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Not watching for a torque bow when acsending the other
side of the map. I’ve gotten dozens of kills on players just blindly running
up the runway!


   This map is quite difficult unless you are very familiar with many elements
of combat with GOW. You need skills in sniping, communication, frags and cover
moves to efficiently deal with your opponents. For me, this is one of my
favorite maps due to it’s non-symetrical design.

   Naturally, your 2 best snipers need to covet the bottom longshots, but the
other players need not forget the 3 sets of frags at the bottom as well;
many players forget the set at the right hand side at spawn.
   It’s not a bad idea to rush to the 2nd tier, and grab the center frags
before the other team gets a chance to grab them. By using the frags
properly, you can force the other team to not rush.
   If you are on the top, your support players need to use the hammerburst if
possible; but make sure if you use it to not expose your head. The burst
lights you up like a Christmas tree when you are shooting it.
   I’ve seen teams win through camping at the top, and waiting for the other
team to come up; this can be solved 1 of 2 ways: By either not running up
there at all, and using the timer to your advantage (since if it goes to a
draw, you start on the opposite end), or by using your many sets of frags to
your advantage. Remember, if the other team camps at the top, than you should
have 4 SETS of frags to toss into the spawn area.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Taking cover on the 3rd and 4th tier on top, and
exposing your head to the sniper.

***********************************************OLD BONES:

   One of the 2 recent bonus maps, old bones treats the players to wide-open
spaces, allowing the free use of frags, boomshot and longshot, although the
last 2 require teamwork to get most of the time.

   In similar nature to mauseleum, you need to remember which side leads to
your immediate goal and communictate this to your team mates. One side leads
to the longshot arena, and the other leads to the frag/boomshot. This switches
from round to round.
   There is a good, safe post to lancer a player attempting to grab the
boomshot, out of a snipers immediate view. Sit there too long, however, and
you’re setting yourself up for trouble.
   There are many ways to die around the sniper arena, especially from the
boomshot. It’s generally not a safe area to try and hold, and not a good area
to snipe from, either. If you grab it, follow your team mates instead.
   Grabbing the boomshot, which is arguably the most important weapon to
have on this map, is risky. A suprise flank from around the statue, a
player lancing from above, a grenadier and even a sniper can stop you from
acquiring it. Proceed with caution!
   It’s sometimes neccesary to have 1 player on your team to pick up your
team’s frag grenades, but if the rest of your team goes to the longshot area,
then he should follow there instead. By doing so, gain valuable firepower in
the longshot arena in exchange for the other team not really being able to
use their frags fully. If your team is scattered, then grabbing the frags is
a much better idea.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Bull rushing the boomshot when the whole other team
is approaching. Take cover instead, hero.

*******************************RAVEN DOWN:

   1st and last point about raven down; the shotgun is your friend.
   You and your team mates start on adjacent slots of this map, forming an
“X” in a crowded intersection. Your team mates are always on your right if
you start on a side with frags, and always on the left if you don’t. It’s
the easiest way to remember where your other 2 team mates are, but you will
learn it soon enough.
   Most matches are better won when your team sticks together on this map,
and not seperatly engaging the enemy. That said, each team’s fragger will
have more luck decimating opponents when they toss it into a firefight, so
always be aware of it. Listen for the 2 frags to come out, or expect a tag.
   There will be a TON of shotgunning within this map, no matter what. If
you don’t like to use it, then I suggest you learn to like it, or choose
another map. Not that the other weapons are useless, but the shotgun’s
volitale power up-close makes it an ideal choice here.
   It’s very hard to get in-line with your opponents to slay them with a
pistol or lancer, which is another reason to close the gap instead.
   The so-called “room of death” is given this name from the likely outcome
of any player attempting to hide within it; the game’s engine allows your
shadow to plainly appear from 1 side when you are in there, so you merely
set yourself up for an ambush if you try to camp there.
   If your team is being gunned down repeatedly via the shotgun, you should
adjust your strategy and have at least 1 player assist with the lancer. I
said earlier that the shotgun is the best weapon, but assisitng in this
fashon can help your team a lot. You likely won’t get many kills doing this,
but if you enjoy winning like me, then I suggest you try it.
   MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Going solo at the start, and going in 1-on-2. Even
if you happen to pull it off, you’re still an idiot.

************** BULLET MARSH:

   This map is one of my favorite of the newest additions to GOW; it’s by
far the most graphically imperessive of all the multiplayer maps in my
   You begin on each dark side of the map with a choice of going high or low.
The high road curls up to a staight path to the center of the map, containing
Frags, a smoke grenade (?) and the Boomshot (Which MUST be acquired).
   The low road is more sneaky, with weeds and darkness to mask a more covert
operation; at the semi-center of this low road (one side has better access to
this area), lies the torque, generator and a set of frags.
   The generator, when fired on repeadedly, temporarily downs the lights that
cover the torque/frags, and each longshot located at each bunker on the high
road. In these areas (and most of the dark areas) harvest Kryll that will
down the player if they venture into it.
   I’ve not seen a player manage to down the generator at the start of a round
in a typical match fast enough to not allow anyone to grab the longshots, but
if a player shoots the generator fast enough at the high road you may block
access to the torque bow, if you don’t like the other team to get it.
   One side (the one that ramps up and to the right) seems more difficult to
snipe the opposite team sniper from, balancing out the torque bow dillema. The
opposite side’s sniper has a shot on the torque bow, and is more hidden in
darkness when sniping in the middle (although he’s still vulnerable).
   There are many hiding places in this map, and you must discover them on
your own; I can’t describe them, nor condone them.

******************** GARDEN:

   Most players hate this map at first, since it’s the most wide-open of any
map in GOW by far. Professonal snipers will love the headshots given away by
unaware players. This is a map beyond all maps that require good teamwork.

   Each side begins in a wide open field with no cover; in front of each spawn
lies a deadly greenhouse that will almost instantly kill anyone moving inside.
A player needs to move to a switchboard located past the greenhouse (clearly
visible), and hit the switch 3 times to disable the gas inside, which holds
the longshot. The gas re-emerges a short time later (I believe a minute).
   One spawn will have a shortcut to the boomshot, which will be on their
right-hand side (as seen as a white building in the background). While fast
players can manage to confront the boomer as he’s picking it up, one side will
usually win that battle if not handled correctly. If you want the boomshot (and
you do), make sure you have back up.
   The other spawn has the same advantage in getting to the hammer of dawn,
located directly in the middle building of the Garden. The same rules of
conduct apply with gaining this weapon, since the other team only has a couple
seconds of delay in getting there.
******************************** PROCESS:

   This goregous, non-symetrical map is favored by many run-and-gun style
players, since this map is closed-in and contains furious battles most every
round. It’s basic shape overhead consists of a big square, with many paths
in, around and outside it’s paremeters.
   Starting on the lengthy bridged side, (By all that juice!) you have 2 paths
in front of you, each leading into different means of entry into the plant.
On the left-hand side of this area, past the bridge, lies a hard-to-see set
of frags. Directly in front of this area is the longshot, which is equally
fast to get to (more or less). The opposite direction of these weapons leads
toward the torque bow and boomshot; All 3 of these power weapons are in-line
along the center of the map, and make for interesting decisions.
   The torque is relatively the safest weapon to grab, if no one is at the
boomshot; the boomshot is in an extremely vulnerable location, next to the
torque bow, and in direct line with the longshot from across the map. The
boomer can shoot through the fence, as can any weapon; to grab the boomer
means you are literally vulnerable to every direction and weapon, but also
have a distinct advantage when you have it. It’s use is vital!
   There are many cover points in this map, and strategy is distinctly random;
I will go out on a limb and say that this map has more strategic options than
any other map.

************************** SUBWAY:

    This map is huge, with 2 distinct directions of travel from either spawn:
Outside, or inside. One spawn begins outside, which carries the coveted
longshot on the far left. This overlooks half of the center of the subway, and
the center stairs leading to outside. It’s also a challenge point to the
torque bow, located inside the subway. Finally, this point is a direct head
shot to the boomer, located dead-center of the map.
   The inside of the subway begins at spawn; you can run directly upstairs
there, or go right towards the center subway area. The far end car holds the
torque bow, the center holds the boomshot, and next to the wall (out of sight
of the sniper), lies the frags.
   A aimed toss of the frags will kill the sniper, but it requires a bit of
luck; it’s a perfect means of distraction to allow a team mate to get the
boomer, at any rate.
   The outside area, towards the underground spawn side, lies a out-of-the-way
set of frags, located on a platform; it’s pickup is a dead giveaway, but with
the obvious exchange of frag grenades in your hand. This whole area is it’s
own battleground, but is a dangerous area overall, due to every weapon located
in other locations; you never know where the next boomshot, torque or snipe
will come from out here.
   As mentioned in the header, there is a well-known map exit that exists
near the sniper point, making for tiresome matches that drag on from idiots
that choose to flee than fight; if a player exits the map with a power weapon
(sniper, boomshot), then your best bet is to camp below until the timer
expires for the round.