Gears of War Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Exploits, and Walk Through


                 Here, you will learn the many facts about
                the game engine, achievements and other quirks
                 that are still plagued with lies and rumors.
             While I do not promise 100% accuracy with the contents
                of this section, I do promise that they are not
              recycled rumors that I hear; I search out for what
               I display and give you the results. Read on!

MELEE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT ****************************************************

   Despite what you hear from people to this day, there is no difference
between ANY weapon when you melee a player, save the hammer of dawn and the
   It takes 2 hits from these weapons to down a player, and in comparesin, a
single strike and 2 clean shots to the body with the pistol.
   Hitting a player stuns them briefly, but may not in the instance of them
rolling, taking cover, or doing other animations (rising up, etc). If you do
strike them while they are in an animation, the damage counts, but will not
down them, or stun them. This will leave you open to a stun yourself.
   Hitting a player also will activate a brief auto-aim, allowing finishing
shots to be unleashed, or circling out of their range of fire.
   When attempting to “2-piece”, or shoot a shotgun blast after a melee stun,
be aware that you need to hesitate before firing, or the shot will damage
the other player in his “stun” animation, and thus won’t be downed. This
timing, like all timings in GOW, is changed when you do this to host.

(Note: If 2 players are jamming on the “A” button to outrevive or outlive the
other, note that speed is irrelevant, since you only need to hit the button
so fast to prolong the timer at the max rate. The determined ‘winner’ is
based on the principle of LUCK, except in the case of a host, where a bleed
out or revive is awarded to the host first. The one time you don’t want to be
host is when you are trying to out tap a player in Warzone; you won’t win. :)

   The hammer of dawn takes 3 hits instead of 2 to finish a player, which is
easy enough if he doesn’t have a team mate nearby. Just keep circling him and
you’ll do fine.

GRENADE TAGGING, AND THE NEW RULES *******************************************

   It’s extremely annoying to be tagged in GOW, but I find it to be just as
fair a way to get a kill as any other since the latest update. Note the new
   If you are tagged, and you get within range to kill the other player with
his grenade, you will be awarded a bonus (revenge) kill.
   On top of that, if you 2 are the last players in this instance, your team
will now be the one victorious! Thank you, Epic!
   Unless you haven’t noticed, the 1st update shortened the distance to tag a
player to the same distance as any other weapon. Usually, you now need to take
a player by suprise to tag successfully.
   Lastly, if you tag a player and he jumps into a team mate of YOURS, you
can actually kill him as well, even with friendly fire off.

CRAB WALKERS *****************************************************************

   I hate crab walkers (AKA roadie runners). It’s extremely annoying to watch,
and more annoying to fight. But there is a simple solution to dealing with
these cheaters (You ARE a cheater for crab walking):

   I won’t list how to do this, but you can’t take cover while in this mode;
a crabwalker needs to function in open space in order to not take cover by
moving into it, and therefore seeks open areas. So if you find an asshole
running like this, the first thing you need to do is find a narrow area, and
act accordingly.

   3 Things effect a crab walker effectively; an AR sniper round, explosives,
and team lancers. DO NOT attempt to chainsaw or melee a crab walker unless
you know he’s injured, since the strike won’t stun the player, and he most
likely will have a shotgun out.

   Crabwalkers aren’t smart, so use your brain power before losing your temper
and you should do fine. Just don’t sink to their level.

CHAINSAW STUFF ***************************************************************

   We all love and hate the chainsaw. We love to pull a kill off, and HATE
being caught in it. It truly is a weapon for beginners, since it does work
VERY well if you don’t expect it.
   If you are within a 80 degree range of either side of a player when they
are revving the chainsaw, and within melee range, you will die. This will
explain why in so many instances a lucky player will merely turn while holding
down the “B” button, and chop you up. The key here, is to not be in that
range! If the player is clearly holding their lancer, then don’t get so close.
   On a similar note, dont try to stun a chainsawer when he’s close either, or
you will be caught in a “chainsaw vaccum”. Simply put, it will appear that the
revving player is out of chainsaw range, and you will try to fire a shotgun
blast; the other player then “sucks in” to you, bloodying up your screen. The
key move here: Run back first!
   As you might know, a chain sawing player is invulnerable until he’s done
with chopping up your team mate; he’s not immune to damage, but immune to
explosive death (grenade tags, boomshots). A lancer burst is enough to down
him, as long as you are hitting him at the END of his animation for the
downing shot to count.
   If you get the timing down, you can tag, torque or boom a chainsawer at
the end of his fun; just be aware of host/peer issues, as explained later.

INDIVIDUAL WEAPON ISSUES *****************************************************
   There are 2 consistant glitches with this weapon that you need to be
aware of: If you are VERY close to the enemy with this weapon, you MUST hold
down the L trigger to aim in to guarentee a kill, especially if you are
sneaking up from behind. It’s a good practice to melee the enemy, and
then shoot him in the same manner in this case. Another glitch (that occurs
with most every gun) is if a player is directly behind you, and you fire
forward, the game will register a hit to the player behind you, killing him
   Occasionally, the melee strike for this weapon won’t register; It’s not
known if holding down the “B” button will effect it, but it’s not as much
a factor as it was.

   Many times, it may appear that you stick a player with an arrow, only to
have it fizzle out. To my understanding, it’s a confliction error with the
host, and may be because you didn’t torque enough (but your X Box thought you

   If you are attempting to snipe the host, be aware of the lag time that you
need to adjust for, and don’t bitch when you miss a “perfect” headshot; on his
host, you missed, so get over it. By all logical standards, if you are in a
battle with host 1-on-1, you’re using the most inconsistant weapon to kill
him, so maybe a different weapon could be useful.
   Odd are you’ve attempted to “get back” at a tagger, but he miraculously
lives despite being directly next to you when you blow up; be aware, that the
player must be injured if he’s taking cover, in order to suicide next to him
with consistant success. The game engine rewards cover from explosives with
reduced damage, so a crafty player will “slide” into cover at the last second
to avoid death. If he’s hurt though, odds are you will get back at him.