Gears of War Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Exploits, and Walk Through

ACHIEVEMENTS *****************************************************************

   We are all here in multiplayer to get the various (and hard to get)
achievements. I will explain the details on how to get each one:

   All of the weapon achievements (pistola, the nuge, etc) require a kill
OUTSIDE of execution range, which is always displayed as a gun to the head.
Most players will get either the exectution or curb stomp achievement first.
   Speaking of which, almost ALL of the online achievements are not counted
via the new gametype ANNEX. It’s far too easy to get kills in that mode, so
Epic wisely ommitted this possibility.
   Playing in warzone mode is the best way to get any achievement, unless you
are trying to get a curb stomp or execution achievement. If you are more
skilled or daring, you can allow players to rise up in execution mode, and
chainsaw them to get that achievement also. As noted, you cannot chainsaw a
downed player to get a chainsaw kill, as it counts as an execution.
   The clusterluck achievement can be earned in multiplayer, but it’s easiest
to ‘earn’ it in single player (chapter 3, I believe).
   After much deliberation and speculation, any player that goes above 100 of
a kill (say, curb stomp) that doesn’t get that achievment is simply SOL until
they get that achievement later on. There is no explanation at this point why;
cross-mode (Execution, Warzone and Assasination) kill ARE COUNTED, so you do
not need to have a hundred on 1 type only.
   All achievments are counted via your profile’s saved data, heince canceled
matches in ranked games will still count; most (all) players get their
Seriously… Achievement before their ranked kills reaches 10’000.

THE HOST ADVANTAGE ***********************************************************

   Here I will clear up some issues regarding the dreaded “host” advantage:

   Firstly, despite all rumors, there is no actual DAMAGE advantage with
either peer nor host. The advantage is within confliction issues, and timing;
the net result is a player that is definitively more accurate overall.
   Technicaly, the host is in charge of ALL actions within the match; each
peer sends a signal thru the internet requesting information back, allowing
progress. If you fire at an enemy, your graphics engine allows you to fire,
and see the results. MEANWHILE, the host recieves this “request” for your shot
to fire, and sends your XBox the results for your display.
   On a good, solid connection, there is little difference for either result.
On larger distances, however, there will be BLATANT differences on what occurs
on-screen for the peer.
   In a nutshell, you could blast a host with a perfect shotgun round. But in
reality, he’s already shot you first, since his XBox is a split second ahead
of you. Shots that are “counted”, as in, allowed by the host, are displayed
as blood splatters on-screen on all peers, heince this is what you should be
paying attention to when playing, especially with lancers, pistols, etc.
   The basic thing to concentrate on if you are dueling the host is to try
and aim AHEAD of were he’s moving, and keep a larger distance than normal if
neccesary. If you are hitting him dead-on and he’s not being damaged, it’s
because your not aiming in the right spot, and not REALLY hitting him. In a
recent match, I aimed (heh, by accident) 3 FEET to the left of my target (the
host), and downed him with an active sniper shot. I COMPLETELY missed on my
screen, but I hit him on his. That’s the internet for you.
   And if you are host, the players jut around a bit in place of moving
smoothly, in exchange for timing accuracy. Generally, every weapon in the
game is easier to use against your opponents; although many think that the
shotgun is the most overpowered. Trust me, they are ALL easier to use.
   Last but not least, the #1 host killing technique, believe it or not, is
the so-called “team work” thing you’ve heard about. 2 lancers beats ANY “host
shotgun”. In short, this is a team game, and the better team always wins in
GOW, end of story.

DEALING WITH LAG AND PACKET LOSS *********************************************
   There are many elements to playing online that many still do not understand
to this day. The first and formost thing to remember is that you are NEVER in
the same exact position that you see on-screen when you are moving/shooting.

   MOVING/SHOOTING: As mentioned, even though the game engine is showing you
firing your shotgun or pistol, it’s still not registered with the host, and
it’s not OK’ed. Once the host OK’s the shot you made, it sends a signal back
to your XBOX, and it displays the results, such as a hole in the wall.
   This is CLEARLY indicated by joining a match online and firing at anything.
you will notice a distinctive lag time when you shoot. It’s this time that
good players memorize to aim ahead of what they see, and make more shots
   All of this confusion is based on netcoding, or the means in which the
game interacts with similar games on the internet. 2 (or up to like, 32)
computers are interacting in the same environment, and need to agree on what
is happening. It’s EXTREMELy complicated, and impossible to perfect.
   The main way, like in GOW or Halo, is for the peer player to run thru the
map in multiplayer as if they weren’t playing online; jumping, strafing and
running are all displayed without error. While moving, the host is constantly
confirming your location, and displaying it to others. If your net speed is
increased, it takes longer to update this information, and it takes longer
to display this online. If it’s bad enough, you will be redirected based on
the host engine’s decision, meaning you may jump around a bit.
   Some older games, like DOOM, will not use this kind of netcoding; instead,
they show the player EXACTLY what is happening on-screen, and the lag time is
directly applied to the control of the game. In other words, turning, shooting
and getting hit are all delayed based on his ping (latency).
   If you’ve played these games, you will understand why modern online games
instead allow precise control, and masked online lag. It’s far too difficult
to control anything with that type of netcode.
   PACKET LOSS: A rarely mentioned form of lag is packet loss, where you lose
information completely, rather than it being delayed. This causes mass mayhem
in multiplayer games like GOW, since critical events can be compromised, like
reloading your sniper, or flashing a player with your shotgun.
   Packet loss is not very common with most DSL or cable connections, but it
will still occur from time to time; it’s identified online by sudden, crazy
movements or actions. If a host is creating packet loss, the game itself will
suffer tremendously.
   Packet loss is unavoidable in terms of connection download or other means
of comparesin, and is usually only solved through a different connection.

THE WEAPON SLIDE, REMENTIONED ************************************************

   Fixed, until some asshole finds out how to do it again. GET A LIFE!
(I’ve seen variations of weapon sliding, involving taking cover at the exact
moment that they pick up the weapon, but this has always been possible; it’s
in no way the exploitation that it once was.)

GETTING ‘OUT OF THE MAP’ IN CERTAIN MAPS *************************************

   It’s up to you to learn to do this, I won’t teach how; I learn how in order
to counter cheaters that attempt to ruin the experience, and that’s the ONLY
reason I do so. Listing on how to cheat in this game really doesn’t help the
matter much.

LAG GLITCHES *****************************************************************

   Here are a few brief glitches that irritate players, but are usually easy
to correct if you know how:

   NO-RUN GLITCH: On occasion, you may be unable to run, take cover or do
anything with the “A” button, but still move and shoot like normal. To correct
this, simply press the “B” button and rev/swing to fix this.

   STICK GLITCH: You may also get stuck in place from time-to-time. If you can
move in any direction, try to take cover on a nearby wall; this will fix your
placement error.

   NO RELOAD GLITCH: If you are firing the longshot and the rounds are not
decreasing and/or the reload bar doesn’t appear, it’s due to lag. The best
thing to do is to switch weapons and come back to it later.

   NO FIRE GLITCH: Every twitch game has this error, so don’t blame Epic for
this one; sometimes in a laggy match, a shot (sniper, boom, whatever) simply
won’t come out your gun. If you see this happen, it’s a loss of packet, or
a connection error. If you see a LOT of it, you are lagging out.

   UNABLE TO CHECK SCORE OR TAC-COM: This happens often in laggy matches or
when joining a player match at an off time. You need to wait for the round to
end before being able to use these menus.

RANKED MATCHES, AND DUMB RUMORS **********************************************

   Here I will list the many facts about ranked matches and hopefully calm
down the stupid rumors circlating them:

   QUITTING PENALTY: -50 points, no more, no less. While you could think that
it should be much higher to keep people from dropping constantly, remember
that A: It wouldn’t stop people, since they suck, and B: it’s unfair to some
of the unfortunate folks that are actually lagged out of a crappy host. I will
letter bomb anyone who sends me an E-Mail claiming that this number is false.
(Not really, but please don’t E-Mail me on this.)

   DROPPED ROOMS: If the host quits, he is rewarded -50 points and a loss of
match; all other matches/points/kills are not awarded to any player, although
kill based achievements are counted as usual.

   MATCHES COUNT: On topic, if ANY number of players quit in a ranked match,
it will still count, no matter what ANYONE says. I’ve tested this on 10+
occasions, and proved this fact. You can have it drop from a 4-on-4
match to a 1-on-1 and it count kill-for-kill. If you don’t immediately see
the results on the leaderboard, it’s either from a timing issue, or another
problem with networking, but NOT from players dropping. END OF DISCUSSION.

   ANNEX DOESN’T COUNT: Annex, the new gametype, doesn’t reward players for
any kind of weapon or kill-count achievement. This means you still have to
earn your Seriously Achievement. Oh well. ;)

   FEEDBACK SYSTEM: Although leaving “postive” feedback on a player is a
good thing to do when neccesary, note that will NOT EFFECT that player’s rep
when you do so. Look at your own rep closely:
   “X% of players preferred or DID NOT SUBMIT A REVIEW about you”.
   What this means, is that your percentage is effected by the number of
players you interact with, and don’t piss off. A player submitting a good
review of you only makes it more likely (supposedly) to be matched again in
the future, and nothing else.
   In short: Don’t bother unless you are just being nice.

   HOST STRONGER/WEAKER: The updates in GOW don’t change netcoding in favor
or against the “host advantage”; there are NO PHYSICAL advantages of being
host, just a preception of such. The “host shottie” isn’t more powerful, he’s
just having a much easier (unfairly) time targeting you. The host doesn’t
have a “bullet shield”, or any other crap you can come up with either.
   If you REALLY want to argue this, like an idiot, set up a player match
and have the host sit still. Use your guns on the stationary enemy and every
hit percentage is identical, as it’s always been. If he starts moving around,
however, then things change for the more irritating.

   UPDATED PISTOL/SHOTGUN/ECT: The LANCER is the only weapon to change in
any shape or form from the last update. And for crying out loud, Epic isn’t
going to remove the “active down” from the longshot; get over it.