Gears of War Multiplayer Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Exploits, and Walk Through

                           FINAL TIPS AND TECHNIQUES

                         Here, I list a few things off the top
                       of my head to be aware of when you are
                     working as a team, and your own role in it:

******* DON’T ARGUE ******************************************

   The #1 way to succeed in GOW, and in any game, is to maintain your cool.
Those who play with me know I don’t follow this rule well, but I use a couple
of key techniques to avoid the jerks online:
   Accessing the gamer card of any player (most easily via the pregame lobby)
will bring up the easy option of muting any player you come across. While
many players are better off with trash talking, you still risk bad feedback.
By muting any player, you cut off communication to either party, so he/she
can’t hear you either. Sometimes, it’s best to just mute the whole other team
and concentrate on killing them instead.
   If you do get into a testosterone match, remember to play your game, not
the other person’s. If they taunt your weapon use, say: “Don’t use the damn
shotgun all the time!”, then keep using it, since it’s working for you.

******* 4-ON-1 (VS.YOU) **************************************

   If you realize suddenly, that your whole team has been murdered in a round,
check your timer with the back button. If you are spunky, then run like hell
and hide. I don’t care what anyone says, if you are in a ranked match,
anything goes. You most likely won’t kill the whole team here.

******* 2-ON-1 (VS.YOU) **************************************

   Say you have 2 guys cockily shooting at you with shotguns, and you have no
place to go. As in real life, the best solution is to circle until  both
opponents are lined up, so only the front player is damaging you.
   This is easier said than done, and won’t always work, but always be aware
that you cannot shoot through your team mate.
   If the gap is increased, the best solution is to run like hell, and make
the players split up to try and catch you. You’re way better off taking them
on 1-on-1.
   A split-second decision that may be made, if you are heavily damaged while
between 2 enemies, and you down one of them: Run, immediately. The other
player will panic and raise his fallen team mate, and you can recover and try
again. I get yelled at by team mates a lot, but it’s the best option if you
are trying to win the round for your team.

******** TEAM STACKING ***************************************

   A completely unavoidable part of ranked matches is team stacking, in
which one team consists of players that are friends or are otherwise all
intending to play together. While Epic want’s players to join in these matches
alone, it’s simply not how this game is being played. So I submit to you a
couple of hints:
   Do not argue in which side you want to be on, and don’t whine about the
team stacking; it’s unavoidable, and you can always join in another room. In
fact, if the other team is acting like jackasses, be sure to do so before the
match begins.
   Join in games that only have a few players (less than 5), and you will
likely find a room that is not stacked yet. Talk a good game and you can
land a spot on the coveted “host” team (but be ready to hear about it later).
   If you REALLY hate stacked teams, your best bet is to join games of exactly
10 ROUNDS. Most host players sticking with friends host games of odd numbers
(like 13, 17 ect). Be prepared to play a lot of gridlock though ;)

******** 4, 3, 2-ON-1 (AGAINST SOMEONE) **********************

   I swear I’ve seen at least a hundred rounds lost from a squad of players
rushing in for the last “easy” kill, only to line up like lemmings and be
slaughtered by a single guy. Follow these EASY rules, and this will NEVER,
   First of all, STICK together, both as a team, and in communication. If
you break apart and run to find the last guy, you’re tempting fate. DON’T.
   That said, if the last guy is known to possess the boomshot, the
opposite is true, to an extent: Don’t stick so close together that a single
shot could kill multiple players.
   Now the important part. If you are encountering a final player, and he’s
(predictibly) using the shotgun to fend for himself, keep your distance, and
circle the player. Whoever’s in front can’t stay in the way of the following
players, since they cannot shoot the guy. If every player is within MEDIUM
range, with pistols/lancers out, the last guy has no chance of survival, host
advantage or not. Of all things to NOT do, don’t get into a shotgun war with
the last guy, since you are giving him a chance to live on.