Microsoft Sidewinder Brand returns with a new Mouse

The new Sidewinder is the first Gaming mouse to sport an LCD.

These new features allow gamers to do the following:

—  Turn on a dime. The new Quick Turn feature — a performance-enhancing
    macro — is built right into the software and lets users check their
    perimeter at any angle from wherever they are in the game with the
    click of a button.

—  Choose the perfect weight. The SideWinder Mouse has a weight cartridge
    system and comes with four weights (up to 30 grams) so gamers can
    customize the weight of the mouse to their preference downloaden microsoft store werkt niet.

—  Choose from three sets of feet to match gameplay preference. The
    SideWinder Mouse ships with three sets of feet, offering varied levels
    of glide depending on personal preference and the surface used.

—  Instantly switch between DPI settings. A 2,000-DPI laser engine
    delivers super-fast response time, and three DPI switches behind the
    scroll wheel allow gamers to toggle between low-, medium- and
    high-sensitivity settings — in-game, at any time.

Microsoft Sidewinder Brand returns with a new Gaming Laser Mouse with built in LCD

The SideWinder Mouse is more than a gaming mouse — it’s a gaming system ts3 kostenlos downloaden 64 bit. To complement the customizable options, this mouse has the following three innovative features to make it the ultimate gaming package:

    —  LCD. With the first LCD on a gaming mouse, gamers can easily keep
        track of key gaming actions — including their DPI and steps for
        recording macros — without being distracted from the game.

    —  Cable management system. The unique cable management system offers the
        feel of a wireless mouse with the connection speed of a wired mouse by
        holding the extra cable and preventing it from getting caught on other
        items on the desk chrome pdf nicht herunterladen. The cable management system doubles as a storage
        compartment for extra weights and feet.

    —  Quick-Launch. The new Quick-Launch button demonstrates the exceptional
        way in which Microsoft ties hardware and software together. When the
        Quick-Launch button is pressed from within Windows Vista, it will
        bring up the Windows Vista Games Explorer so gamers can instantly see
        the games available in their PC’s game library pixel launcher.

—  Two vertical side buttons. This side placement allows gamers to feel
    exactly which button they’re pressing, thereby reducing the risk of
    executing the wrong command midgame.

—  A wide, detented metal scroll wheel. The wheel design helps gamers
    feel each movement as they scroll, and the wide metal finish adds
    elegance and control to the mouse.

—  Balanced weight. Designed for quick, balanced, comfortable precision
    gaming action and painted black with a crimson-red stripe, the
    SideWinder Mouse has gamers in mind from top to bottom untermietvertrag vorlage herunterladen.



Ubisoft latest major publisher to join program; SideWinder PC gaming hardware triumphantly returns.
LEIPZIG, Germany — Aug. 23, 2007 — Proving continued industry support from among some of the best games companies from around the world, Microsoft Corp. today announced new games, hardware and accessories that will exhilarate fans of the world’s most popular gaming platform.

At the German Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, Microsoft announced that top video game publisher Ubisoft Entertainment was the latest to join the Games for Windows branding program p server metin2 german free of charge. The first title Ubisoft will deliver is “The Settlers®: Rise of an Empire.” Ubisoft joins other publishing powerhouses such as 2K Games, Activision Inc., Atari Inc., EA Partners, LucasArts, Microsoft Game Studios, Midway Home Entertainment Inc., and SEGA by committing to ship select titles under the Games for Windows brand, a brand that ensures a high level of quality, compatibility and support for key safety features for gaming on Windows®. With the addition of Ubisoft, Microsoft now enjoys the support of the majority of top games publishers around the world to provide consumers with amazing Windows gaming experiences.
Microsoft also announced that “Train Simulator 2” from Microsoft Game Studios will join the roster of more than 60 titles currently announced to carry the brand binoxxo herunterladen. “Train Simulator 2” brings to gamers the most realistic train simulation experience ever from Microsoft, allowing train enthusiasts to explore the world’s rail network or build their own in a detailed and immersive world.

Windows gamers are also enjoying a wave of exciting new products this fall and holiday. Microsoft Hardware, continuing its PC gaming hardware innovations, announced the return of its SideWinder™ line of gaming accessories with the first mouse to bear the SideWinder name, the Microsoft® SideWinder Mouse. Built from the ground up for gamers, it was developed to meet gamers’ individual needs, providing custom tuning tools and a design for performance handling herunterladen.
“Today we and our partners announced several products that dramatically improve the experience — and fun — for Windows gamers,” said Kevin Unangst, global director of Games for Windows at Microsoft. “The addition of Ubisoft to the Games for Windows program and the continued innovation in PC gaming hardware is a huge win for gamers around the world who are experiencing the revival of the PC as a world-class gaming platform.”

About Games for Windows
Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world for games, delivering the widest range of titles, the most gaming hardware choices, and advanced gaming technology for players of all types. With Windows as the cornerstone, the Games for Windows platform offers publishers and gamers the most enjoyable and innovative gaming experiences available on a PC apple musik herunterladen kostenlos. More information can be found online at

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