New Guitar Hero III (3) Songs Announced and 10 New Songs for Rock Band From EA as well

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New Tracks were announce for Guitar Hero 3.  I don’t know the Lyrics to most of these…

“Minus Celsius,” by Backyard Babies

“Hier Kommt Alex,” by Die Toten Hosen

“In the Belly of a Shark,” by Gallows

“I’m in the Band,” by The Hellacopters

“Avalancha,” by Heroes Del Silencio

“Take This Life,” by In Flames

“Ruby,” by Kaiser Chiefs

“Closer,” by Lacuna Coil

“Generation Rock,” by Revolverheld

“Mauvais Garcon,” by NAAST

“Radio Song,” by Superbus


Publisher EA also revealed ten new master tracks to be featured on Rock Band:

It will be interesting to see hot these two games fair against each other herunterladen.

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