Tower Defense Killing Enemies and Killing Time -Updated with Budapest Defenders

Tower Defense (or Tower Defence ) has been Dugg to hell, everyone posts their favorite version and 900 people follow, there are currently no less than 10 popular variations out on the web, but what is the Big deal?  Is this a Freudian response to the phallic game play?

Budapest Defenders Tower Defense Clone of Onslaught Flash Game

Budapest Defenders is the most recent, brought to us by TNT which means someone was paid to write it, which is likely why it is the best, graphically and with some of the most complex game play.

Tower defense, despite what some people say did not originate in Warcraft, or Starcraft, or Command and Conquer.  It actually dates much farther back with a game from Atari.  In 1990 Atari released rampart a sort of shoot’ em up puzzle game.

Rampart allowed you to build a path and place your towers, slightly more complex than the current variation that doesn’t allow “Mazing” in most cases. 

Using Strategic Tower placement, and making the right choices of what kind of tower to use, and deciding when to upgrade vs. when to start a new tower, you do your best to defend against invading enemies which come wave after wave.  Most of the strategy comes down to how much damage per dollar you can achieve, and factoring Damage per second, against the length of time the target is in range.

Be warned as Tech Crunch found out it can be addictive.

Some places to Play Tower Defense Sorted Alphabetically

  1. Ant Buster
  2. Budapest Defenders (best of the bunch)
  3. Desktop Tower Defense
  4. DTD Tower Defense
  5. Flash Element TD
  6. Onslaught Flash Game
  7. Picnic Panic
  8. Tower Defense by Roman
  9. Tower Defense
  10. Turret Tyranny

The Original


Reincarnated for Game Boy in 1992

and then for Game Boy Color


Tower Defense for War Craft


Flash Based Tower Defence


Rampart for PS3 in 2007


Ant Buster



Budapest Defenders


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