A surreal and supremely inane compendium of miscellaneous knowledge, Vol 10

Mark Frauenfelder:

Archie panel from the Spire Christian Comics era Anno 1404 online profile download failed. Link

Video — Great commercial for an awful toy from the 1960s called the Swing Wing netflix series to download. It’s a beanie with a pendulum. You put on your head and swing it around. I have a dim memory of seeing this on TV when it originally appeared. Link

MP3s — “Hobo Conversations and Interviews – Conversations with Sidedoor Pullman Kid Hop-A-Long Chet Dante and Austin John.” Link

Video — shouting match between Bill O’Reilly and Sen lauras stern kostenlosen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut. Link

The art of Hannes Bok, 1950s science fiction illustrator herunterladen. Link

Polygon Pete uses ZBrush (“(It’s like finding a box of infinite Sculpey!!!)
“) to made 3-D drawings of Woodring characters hitmantm free trial herunterladen. Link

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