A wine guru for the YouTube era.

In the age of YouTube, consuming alcohol in front of a video camera is often a prelude to public humiliation across multiple time zones. But for Gary Vaynerchuk, drinking on-air has so far yielded only glory spotify fehler beim herunterladen. Since February 2006, Vaynerchuk, who co-owns with his father a cavernous wine shop called Wine Library in Springfield, N.J., has been hosting a daily video blog devoted to wine education jump run spiele kostenlos downloaden. It is called Wine Library TV, but it plays like Wine Geek Gone Wild: The 31-year-old Vaynerchuk, a native of Belarus sadly besotted with the New York Jets (his ambition in life is to own the club), brings a hyperkinetic style to the normally dry business of judging syrahs and merlots herunterladen.

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