After all this, SCO never even owned Unix

Mark Frauenfelder:
Mark says: “Finally, SCO, the patent-troll that’s been suing *nix companies and users for alleged copyright infringement, gets a taste of its own medicine skat herunterladen. A federal judge ruled Friday that not only does SCO not own the copyright to Unix, but Novell does, and furthermore, SCO must return to Novell 95% of the royalties it has collected from licensing Unix.”

According to Judge Kimball’s ruling, Microsoft paid SCO approximately $16 million for license rights and Sun paid approximately $10 million eingebettete videos downloaden internet explorer. SCO neglected to turn over the licensing fees to Novell, which “gave SCO its first profitable year in history,” Kimball notes. “As a matter of law, the court concludes that SCO breached its fiduciary duties to Novell by failing to account for and remit the appropriate SVRX Royalty payments to Novell for the SVRX portions of the 2003 Sun and Microsoft Agreements,” says Kimball herunterladen. “Because of the decrease in SCO’s revenues and assets, Novell fears that it will be unable to collect on its claim for royalties.”


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