CBC blogging policy isn’t their policy

Cory Doctorow:
An exec at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has publicly disclaimed the controversial “blogging guidelines” that leaked last week, saying that they are only a draft herunterladen.

Last week, I posted about an internal memo on blogging policy at the CBC that set out harsh guidelines for bloggers videos gratisen. It said that anyone who was identified as a CBC employee (from on-air people to janitors) had to get permission to start or maintain a blog, and to refrain from “advocating for a group of a cause.” This is violation of Canadian labor laws (at minimum, employees are allowed to advocate for their union during contract negotiations) and likely a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms etka download deutsch kostenlos.

Now, the CBC’s acting Editor in Chief of News, Esther Enkin, has sent a public memo to the InsideTheCBC blog saying that the guidelines were only a discussion draft and do not represent CBC policy logisim herunterladen. This is great news, though as a draft, this is still pretty disturbing — who thought it would be a good idea to indiscriminately muzzle CBC employees’ blogs in the first place neueste version von java herunterladen?

I emailed Jon Dube, an award-winning online journalism pioneer and Director of Digital Programming at CBC.ca, whom Enkin had identified as having distributed the memo to some of his staff gntm. He replied:

When I forwarded them, I noted that they were not a change in policy, just simply guidelines intended to clarify how our existing journalistic, HR and other policies apply to personal blogging, since folks have asked about that ics mutaties. Those journalistic and HR policies are generally in sync with other reputable media companies, such as The New York Times and NPR. And as Esther Enkin, our acting editor in chief, mentioned on InsideCBC.com, the guidelines are a work in progress android images from google.

Many of our employees do blog — including myself and a number of journalists on my staff. I’m not aware of any desire or attempt on the part of anyone in CBC management to clamp down on blogging microsoft teams file. I hope that the discussion about these draft guidelines don’t create that impression: blogging can be a great form of expression.

It might be worth noting that we’ve also embraced blogging on CBC.ca in the past two years, launching blogs by our correspondents and two excellent ones aimed at greater transparency, the Editor in Chief’s Inside Media blog and Tod Maffin’s InsideCBC.com blog herunterladen.

It’s true that the CBC has some excellent official blogs — and great online stuff in general. Let’s hope that this “discussion draft” gets “discussed” into a deep pit, and something more reasonable is proffered in its place. Link

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