Charles Simonyi, astronaut, interviewed today

David Pescovitz:
In April, former Microsoft exec Charles Simonyi took the longest space tourist trip in history. He spent two weeks aboard the International Space Station, having traveled there aboard a Soyuz rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Simonyi documented his experiences in training, in space, and back on terra firm on his terrific site Charles In Space. (Image at right shows the view from his window in the descenet capsule.)

Today, I had the opportunity to talk with Charles at Science Foo Camp, a mind-blowing “unconference” of scientists, big thinkers, and other people much smarter than I, hosted this weekend by O’Reilly Media, Nature Publishing, and Google. Charles is quite, er, down-to-Earth, but when he reminisced about his astronaut experience his eyes lit up with wonder. His enthusiasm was infectious–this is the space age, and we are here to go! Sign me up! I hope you enjoy this brief audio interview with Charles Simonyi about his spaced out adventure. (Music is “Theme from 2001” by The Ray McVay Roadshow, 1974).

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