Cramer begs Fed Reserve Chairman to cut interest rates (video)

Xeni Jardin:
I’ve been a fan of Jim Cramer for many years, and I’ve seldom seen him flip out as epically and fantastically as he does in this clip adobe flash kostenlos herunterladen.

On CNBC’s Mad Money Friday, he screamed at Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to slash interest rates, in order to help the stock market musically alte version herunterladen ios. Video Link. The money quote: “No, we HAVE Armageddon.”

Also, is it just me, or does he look pretty awesome at 62 slots spiele kostenlos downloaden? The lame-ass bobblehead is utterly unconvincing, tho psyphon herunterladen. (thanks, Kent!)

Update: Patrick Nielsen Hayden points us to an amusingly annotated copy of this Cramer video:

Video Link playlist download youtube online. Smart and snarky. I don’t know anything about video makers “” but their gloss
on Cramer’s epic seizure seems pretty reasonable to me herunterladen. They mostly
seem to be saying, “Wait, exactly where were you promised your
business model would always work?”

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