Exclusive: What Microsoft’s Falcon project is going to mean … (Dean Takahashi/Mercury News)

Exclusive: What Microsoft’s Falcon project is going to mean for when you should buy an Xbox 360  —  Falcon is coming your way this fall.  The first Xbox 360s with it are probably on ships coming from China.  —  Readers of this column will know that Falcon is the code name for a board …

Only it isn’t exclusive because it doesn’t add any new information from what he “leaked” before and it is more like ramblings and sitting on the fence about things which he only hears whispers of and doesn’t really cite any sources on whatsapp automatischen.

I have a launch day Xbox that runs Just fine, and a Launch Day Elite that also runs just fine.  The only mistake I would say Microsoft made in the design of the Xbox 360 is that there was not enough testing in non-airconditioned spaces.  Dean’s statements that 65nm means more stable or reliable are blatantly false, much like you can’t say a v8 is more reliable than an inline 4 engine, there are engineering details beyond the size of the die.  Type of heat sink, the adhesive used the type of thermal paste are all things that we know Microsoft has change since the launch, sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better.  The move to 65nm would make some of these issues easier to solve, but it would also mean testing an entirely new board with new traces and that could result in more unpredictable results than simply adding a heat sink where it is needed, or choosing a fan with slightly different bearings or other properties microsoft security essentials windows 7 herunterladen.

Dean is notorious for writing articles that have no more foundation than the postings of a forum, or the whispers from some guy who works at tech support who heard a rumor.  We have all known 65nm will come eventually, why else would IBM announce that the chip Xbox uses is available in that form factor smileys zum herunterladen? But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is going to make the move to that chip right away, and it may not be for all markets.  If we are starting rumors, there are lots to choose from, we all saw the Bill Gates demo of IPTV for Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 is larger than most STB’s used by cable providers, maybe 65nm is for an IPTV deployment, we have heard rumors about an Xbox competitor to PSP, a 65nm single CPU handheld would be pretty cool herunterladen.

Dean has a scrap and is trying to make a story, and Dean is usually pretty good at making “safe” assumptions about what things are going to play out, but for my money.  You buy an Xbox 360 because you want it to play games, and 3 years from now you are going to be ready for what ever comes after the 360, so don’t worry if the thing only has a 3 year warranty, cause you will have moved on by then.  Get a 360, Oblivion, Halo, Bio Shock, Strangle Hold, and Forza and just enjoy it.  A newer box is only delaying your gratification herunterladen.